A report on Mini and Sun-7 Chesterfield Series

Morris Mini-Minor
Colin Bond placed third in the 1981 Better Brakes 3.5 Litre Series in a Ford Capri. The car is pictured in 2005
1959 Morris Mini Minor
1959 Morris Mini-Minor interior
1970 Mini
A cross-section shows how a Mini maximises passenger space.
1959 Morris Mini Minor
The Mini became an icon of 1960s British popular culture, and featured in the 1969 caper film The Italian Job.
1976 Mini 1000
Chilean fibreglass-bodied Mini
1992 Mini Cord built with a fibreglass body
Mini City E
Wolseley Hornet
1980 Mini Clubman
Riley Elf
Morris Mini Traveller Mk1 with internal fuel tank
Austin Mini Countryman Mk2 with filler cap now moved to the lower right hand side of the car
1963 Austin Mini Van
1967 Austin Mini Moke
Mini Pick-up.
Morris Mini K
Morris Mini Cooper Mark I
1971 Mini Cooper S Mk III
Timo Mäkinen and Mini Cooper S on their way to the first of a hat-trick of wins in the 1000 Lakes Rally in Finland
The Leyland Mini LS was produced by Leyland Australia from 1977 to 1978
The last Mini produced, a Rover Cooper Mini Sport, rolled off the Longbridge line on 4 October 2000
Minis lined up on Brighton seafront after a London-to-Brighton rally
Mini 9X at the Heritage Motor Centre
One of three Outspan (brand) Orange Minis, at Carfest South in 2017
1964 Monte Carlo Rally winner: 1963 Morris Mini Cooper S
1965 Monte Carlo Rally winner: 1964 Morris Mini Cooper S
1967 Monte Carlo Rally winner: 1966 Morris Mini Cooper S
An almond green Mark I Morris Mini Minor
A meeting of the Mini Owners of Texas club in Grapevine, Texas
1974 Mini Clubman Safety Research Vehicle—SRV4
Morris Mini-Minor rear
The first Morris Mini-Minor sold in Texas being delivered to a family in Arlington, Texas, in 1959
Morris Mini 1000 with larger windows and rear lights
A 1994 Rover Mini 1300i Cabriolet
Rover Mini Cooper Sport rear

In 1971 Lakis Manticas won the inaugural "Sun-7" title driving a Morris Cooper S, with points being allocated evenly among the three engine capacity classes.

- Sun-7 Chesterfield Series

A further title was the 1971 Sun-7 Chesterfield Series.

- Mini
Morris Mini-Minor

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