Minister of Education (New Zealand)

Minister of EducationEducation Minister40th Minister of EducationEducation portfolioMinister for EducationMinister of Education -Minister of Education MinisterMinisters of EducationNew Zealand's Minister of Education
The Minister of Education is a minister in the government of New Zealand with responsibility for the country's schools, and is in charge of the Ministry of Education.wikipedia
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Chris Hipkins

Hon Chris HipkinsHipkins, Chris
The present Minister is Chris Hipkins, a member of the Labour Party.
He serves as the Minister of Education for the current and Sixth Labour Government.

Thomas Dick (politician)

Thomas Dick
Over a period of 24 years, he represented various Dunedin electorates in Parliament and was Colonial Secretary (1880–1884), Minister of Justice from 1881 to 1882, and Minister of Education from 1881 to 1884.

John Ballance

BallanceBallance CabinetBallance Ministry
He was Minister of Customs, Minister of Education, and later Colonial Treasurer.

William Pember Reeves

Reeves, William PemberReevesThe Hon. William Pember Reeves
During the premierships of John Ballance (1891–93) and Richard Seddon (1893–1906) he served as Minister of Labour (1892–96), Minister of Education (1891–96), Minister of Justice (1891–92, 1893, 1895–96) and Commissioner of Stamp Duties (1892–96).

Harry Atmore

Atmore, HarryDorothy Annie Atmore
He was Minister of Education and Minister in charge of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) in Sir Joseph Ward's United Government of 1928 to 1931, and the acting Prime Minister of New Zealand for approximately five months between 25 August 1930 and 21 January 1931.

Rex Mason

Henry Greathead Rex MasonH G R MasonHon. H. G. R. Mason
He served as Attorney General, Minister of Justice, Minister of Education, and Minister of Native Affairs, and had a significant influence on the direction of the Labour Party.

Josiah Hanan

In 1912 he was appointed Minister of Education, Minister of Justice, and Minister of Stamp Duties in the short lived cabinet of Thomas Mackenzie.

Harry Atkinson

AtkinsonAtkinson MinistryAtkinson Ministry, 1883–1884
During this term, Atkinson was Colonial Treasurer (1887–1891), Postmaster-General (1887–1889), Commissioner of Telegraphs (1887–1889), Minister of Marine (1887–1891), Commissioner of Stamps (1887–1891), Minister of Education (1889), and Commissioner of Trade and Customs.

Thomas William Hislop

Thomas HislopThomas Hislop, Sr.Thomas W. Bislop
He was a member of the Atkinson Ministry from 1887 to 1891, holding posts as Colonial Secretary and Minister of Education.

William Campbell Walker

William Walker
He was a member of the Executive Council (20 February 1896 – 23 June 1903), Minister of Immigration (2 March 1896 – 20 June 1903) and Minister of Education (11 March 1896 – 20 June 1903).

William Montgomery (New Zealand politician)

William MontgomeryWilliam Montgomery Sr.
During the first Stout-Vogel ministry, in August 1884, he was colonial secretary and the 4th Minister of Education.

Richard Seddon

SeddonRichard John Seddonold age pensions
Seddon accumulated a large number of portfolios for himself, including that of Minister of Finance (from which he displaced Joseph Ward), Minister of Labour (from which he displaced William Pember Reeves), Minister of Education, Minister of Defence, Minister of Native Affairs, and Minister of Immigration.

George Fowlds

Sir George FowldsFowlds, George
Fowlds was Minister of Education and Minister of Public Health from 1906 to 1911.

James Parr (politician)

James ParrChristopher James ParrChristopher Parr
He was Minister of Education (3 April 1920 – 24 April 1926) in three successive ministries of the Reform Government.

Robert Masters

The Honourable Robert Masters
In the United/Reform Coalition, he was Minister of Education (1931–1934), and Minister of Industries and Commerce (1931–1935).

Terry McCombs

Terence Henderson McCombsChristina Mary, Lady McCombsMcCombs, Sir Terry
He was Minister of Education from 1947 to 1949, near the end of the term of the First Labour Government.

James Allen (New Zealand politician)

James AllenSir James Allen Colonel The Honourable '''Sir James Allen
As Minister of Education, he was responsible for legislation that guaranteed statutory funding for universities.

William Hall-Jones

Hall-JonesHall-Jones, Sir WilliamSir William '''Hall-Jones
During his brief period as Prime Minister, he was Colonial Treasurer, Minister of Labour, Minister of Education, Minister for Public Works, and Minister of Marine.

Robert Alexander Wright

Robert WrightR.A. WrightWright, Robert Alexander
He was Minister of Education from 1926 to 1928 in the Reform Government.

Ronald Algie

Ronald Macmillan AlgieAlgie, Sir RonaldHon. R.M. Algie
He was initially appointed Minister of Education, and later became Minister of Broadcasting and Minister of Scientific and Industrial Research.

Chris Carter (politician)

Chris CarterCarter, ChrisCartergate
He was a senior Cabinet Minister in the Fifth Labour Government of New Zealand, serving lastly as Minister of Education, Minister Responsible for the Education Review Office and Minister of Ethnic Affairs.

Philip Skoglund

Phil SkoglundPhilip Oscar Skoglund
Skoglund was Minister of Education in the Second Labour Government from 1957 to 1960.

Anne Tolley

Hon Anne TolleyHon. Anne TolleyMinister of Education
From 2008 to 2011 she served as New Zealand's first woman Minister of Education.

Lockwood Smith

Sir Lockwood SmithSmith, LockwoodAlexander Lockwood Smith
Smith served as Minister of Education from 1990 until 1996 in the Fourth National Government of New Zealand.

Blair Tennent

William Blair Tennent
He was Minister of Education in the Second National Government from 1960 to 1963.