Digging a snowpit on Taku Glacier, in Alaska to measure snowpack depth and density
Mount Adams from Wasco County, Oregon
Graph of changing Wyoming Snowpack
Meadows at Mount Adams Wilderness
Heavily crevassed glaciers on the southeast side of the mountain
Glaciers of Mount Adams
Deep crevasses and icefalls on Adams Glacier
Aerial view of the south face from across the Columbia River Gorge
Trout Lake (Trout Lake Creek) reflecting Mount Adams near the small town of Trout Lake
Takh Takh Lava Flow below Mount Adams
Mount Adams, Washington simplified hazards map showing potential impact area for ground-based hazards during a volcanic event.
Rock and ice debris avalanche that occurred on October 20, 1997, on the east side of Mount Adams.
The South Climb, or South Spur climbing route on Mount Adams along Suksdorf Ridge
The Northeast face as seen from Devils Garden
High Camp at Killen Meadows, high on the slopes of Mount Adams. Adams Glacier cascades down the rocky chute from the summit icecap
Mount Adams and the Mazama Glacier from Bird Creek Meadows, in the Mount Adams Recreation Area.
Adams Glacier descends from the summit ice cap near the center of this view from the northwest.
Takhlakh Lake on the northwest side of Mount Adams
Albert Bierstadt, Mount Adams, Washington, 1875, Princeton University Art Museum
Thunderbird on a Totem Pole
Reid's map from his survey of Adams in 1901
Cascadians climbing party before starting the ascent of the east side of Adams
Gotchen Creek Guard Station ca. 1911
US Forest Service lookout on the summit, August 9, 1922.
Level IV ecoregions, Cascades
Towering lenticular clouds over Mount Adams
Lupine on Adams
Hoary marmot above the tree line on Adams
Gray-crowned rosy finch high up the slopes on Adams

Snowpack forms from layers of snow that accumulate in geographic regions and high elevations where the climate includes cold weather for extended periods during the year.

- Snowpack

The snowpack at Potato Hill starts building in late October to early November and the last of the snow generally melts by the beginning of June, but occasionally lingers into July.

- Mount Adams (Washington)
Digging a snowpit on Taku Glacier, in Alaska to measure snowpack depth and density

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