A report on Mountain and Snow

Mount Everest, Earth's highest mountain
Norwegian train plowing through drifted snow
Mount Fuji, Japan's highest mountain
Extratropical cyclonic snowstorm, February 24, 2007—(Click for animation.)
Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa's highest mountain
Frontal snowsquall moving toward Boston, Massachusetts
Peaks of Mount Kenya
Cold northwesterly wind over Lake Superior and Lake Michigan creating lake-effect snowfall
Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Russia and Europe
Freshly fallen snowflakes
Puncak Jaya in Indonesia, the highest mountain in Oceania
An early classification of snowflakes by Israel Perkins Warren
Geological cross-section of Fuji volcano
An animation of seasonal snow changes, based on satellite imagery
Illustration of mountains that developed on a fold that has been thrusted
New York City during a 2016 blizzard, which
 produced local wind gusts up to 42 mph and dropped 27.5 in of snow, breaking the city's one-day snowfall record.
Pirin Mountain, Bulgaria, part of the fault-block Rila-Rhodope massif
Snow-covered trees in Kuusamo, Finland
The Catskills in Upstate New York represent an eroded plateau.
Fresh snow beginning to metamorphose: The surface shows wind packing and sastrugi. In the foreground are hoar frost crystals, formed by refrozen water vapor emerging to the cold surface.
A combination of high latitude and high altitude makes the northern Urals in picture to have climatic conditions that make the ground barren.
Firn—metamorphosed multi-year snow
Mount Siguniang, Sichuan, China
Snow drifts forming around downwind obstructions
An alpine mire in the Swiss Alps
A powder snow avalanche
Snowmelt-induced flooding of the Red River of the North in 1997
The city of La Paz reaches up to 4000 m in elevation.
Snow pit on the surface of a glacier, profiling snow properties where the snow becomes increasingly dense with depth as it metamorphoses towards ice
Mountaineers climbing in South Tyrol
Snowfall and snowmelt are parts of the Earth's water cycle.
Chimborazo, Ecuador. The point on Earth's surface farthest from its centre.
Traffic stranded in a 2011 Chicago snowstorm.
Winter conditions on Ontario Highway 401 in Toronto due to a snowsquall.
Deicing an aircraft during a snow event
Satellite view of the Indus River, showing snow in the Himalayas, which feeds it, and agricultural areas in Pakistan that draw on it for irrigation.
Extreme snow accumulation on building roofs
Icings resulting from meltwater at the bottom of the snow pack on the roof, flowing and refreezing at the eave as icicles and from leaking into the wall via an ice dam.
Alpine skiing.
Algae, Chlamydomonas nivalis, that thrive in snow form red areas in the suncups on this snow surface
Arctic fox, a predator of smaller animals that live beneath the snow
Trucks plowing snow on a highway in Missouri
Airport snow-clearing operations include plowing and brushing
Swiss low-profile, train-mounted snowplow
Bivouac of Napoleon's Grande Armée, during the winter retreat from Moscow
Finnish ski troops during the invasion of Finland by the Soviet Union
Army vehicles coping with snow during the Battle of the Bulge of World War II.
Norwegian military preparations during the 2009 Cold Response exercise
Navy SEALs training for winter warfare at Mammoth Mountain, California.
Worldwide occurrence of snowfall. Snow at reference above sea level (meters):Below 500: annually.
Below 500: annually, but not in all of its territory.
500: above annually, below occasionally.
Above 500: annually.
Above 2,000: annually.
Any elevation: none.

Orographic or relief snowfall is created when moist air is forced up the windward side of mountain ranges by a large-scale wind flow.

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As the altitude increases, the main form of precipitation becomes snow and the winds increase.

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Mount Everest, Earth's highest mountain

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