Muennink's spiny rat

Species of rodent in the family Muridae.

- Muennink's spiny rat

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Genus of murine rodent native to Japan.

Muennink's spiny rat, Tokudaia muenninki


Okinawan and Kunigami name given to the forested northern part of Okinawa Island in Japan.

The Yanbaru or Kunigami region of Okinawa, including the city of Nago and the Kunigami District
Kongōseki Mountains in Kunigami
Okinawa rail

Rare species include the flightless Okinawa rail (Yanbaru kuina in Japanese), Okinawa woodpecker (Special Natural Monument), Ryukyu robin, Amami woodcock, Ryukyu black-breasted leaf turtle, Anderson's crocodile newt, Ishikawa's frog, Holst's frog, Namiye's frog, Ryukyu long-tailed giant rat, and Muennink's spiny rat.

List of mammals of Japan

List of mammal species recorded in Japan .

Dogs and sheep were among the first animals to be domesticated.

Of the 172 species of mammal found—112 native terrestrial mammals (those that are endemic are identified below; this number includes 37 species of bat), 19 introduced species, 40 species of Cetacea, and the dugong—161 are listed for the Japan region on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: of these, four taxa are critically endangered (Iriomote cat, Muennink's spiny rat, Yanbaru whiskered bat, and Gloomy tube-nosed bat), twenty-one are endangered, eight are vulnerable, and ten are near threatened; the Japanese sea lion and Bonin or Sturdee's pipistrelle are evaluated as extinct.

List of rodents

Rodents are animals that gnaw with two continuously growing incisors.

Rattus norvegicus
Cuniculus paca
Octodon degus
Hoplomys gymnurus
Diplomys caniceps
Mesomys hispidus female
Capromys pilorides
Aethurus glirinus
Dipodomys ordi
Chaetodipus baileyi
Lophiomys imhausi
Sigmodon hispidus
Lophuromys sikapusi
Otomys sloggetti
Otomys irroratus
Parotomys brantsii

Tokudaia muenninki

Endangered Species (Japan)

In the context of the conservation of endangered species in Japan, and the list below, Endangered Species (希少野生動植物種) are those designated by Cabinet order in accordance with the 1992 Act on Conservation of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

Satellite photograph of industrial deforestation in the Tierras Bajas project in eastern Bolivia, using skyline logging and replacement of forests by agriculture

Muennink's spiny rat, Tokudaia muenninki


Tribe of muroid rodents in the subfamily Murinae.

Muennink's spiny rat, Tokudaia muenninki