A P-15M missile (SS-N-2c) being unloaded from a former East German Navy Tarantul class missile boat
INS Chamak (K95) of the Indian Navy fires a P-15 Termit missile
P-15 missile, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
SY-1 Missile
HY-2 Missile
P-15 missiles on parade
P-20 launcher on an Osa II class fast attack craft, with wings folded
Map with P-15 Termit operators in blue and former operators in red
A twin vertical launcher aboard the German corvette Hiddensee. Note the support for the ventral booster.

Its GRAU designation was 4K40, its NATO reporting name was Styx or SS-N-2.

- P-15 Termit

S—surface-to-surface missiles, including ship- and submarine-launched. Land-based missiles have the prefix SS-, for example the SS-1 Scud. Naval missiles receive the designation SS-N-, e.g. SS-N-2 Styx. Coastal defence missiles are assigned the prefix SS-C-, e.g. SS-C-5 Stooge: List of NATO reporting names for surface-to-surface missiles

- NATO reporting name

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