Tu-16 in flight
Tu-16 in flight
Tu-16 bomber at the Monino Museum (1998)
Rear side view of a Tu-16 Badger reconnaissance variant (most likely Tu-16R) (1989)
Egyptian Tu-16s (1980)
An F-4 Phantom from VF-102 intercepting an Egyptian Air Force Tupolev TU-16 Badger over the Mediterranean Sea on 12 January 1971.
Tu-16K-10-26 Badger C
Tu-16 Badger G with KSR-5 missile
Tu-16K-26 or Tu-16KSR-2-11-16, with KSR-5 missiles under wings (1998)
Current operators of the Tu-16/H-6 in bright red, former operators in dark red
Indonesian Air Force Tu-16KS-1 1625 at Dirgantara Mandala Museum
Orthographic projection of the Tupolev Tu-16.

The Tupolev Tu-16 (NATO reporting name: Badger) was a twin-engined jet strategic heavy bomber used by the Soviet Union.

- Tupolev Tu-16

Bombers had names starting with the letter 'B' and names like "Badger" (Tupolev Tu-16), "Blackjack" (Tupolev Tu-160) and "Bear" (Tupolev Tu-95) were used.

- NATO reporting name
Tu-16 in flight

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