Natural person

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In jurisprudence, a natural person is a person (in legal meaning, i.e., one who has its own legal personality) that is an individual human being, as opposed to a legal person, which may be a private (i.e., business entity or non-governmental organization) or public (i.e., government) organization.wikipedia
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A legal entity is a legal construct through which the law allows a group of natural persons to act as if it were an individual for certain purposes.

Bank of Estonia

Eesti PankNational Bank of EstoniaTALIBOR
Within three days, 1500 rubles were exchanged to krooni for each resident natural person at the rate of 1 kroon = 10 rubles.

European Patent Office

EPOEuropeanEuropean Patent Office (EPO)
The filing fee and examination fee are reduced by 30% for certain categories of applicants, namely for small and medium-sized enterprises, natural persons, and "non-profit organisations, universities or public research organisations", when filing a patent application or an examination request in an admissible non-EPO language and subsequently, or at the earliest simultaneously, file the necessary translation.

Constitutional Court of Georgia

Constitutional CourtGeorgiaGeorgian Constitutional Court
* review the constitutionality of a legal act with respect to the fundamental human rights on the basis of a claim submitted by a natural person, a legal person, or the Public Defender of Georgia;

Imputation (law)

By its nature, a fictitious person can only act through the human agency of the natural persons that it employs.

Kittisak Prokati

He has published works about LGBT, the reformation of Thai law under European influence (2003), personality rights (2003), and background and fundamental legal methodology of civil law and common law (2004), as well as a textbook on general principles of natural persons and legal persons (2007).

Taxation in Estonia

Standard rate for natural persons in year 2015 is 20% (down from 21% in 2014).


defendantscriminal defendantco-defendant
Most often and familiarly, defendants are persons: either natural persons (actual human beings) or juridical persons (persona fiction) under the legal fiction of treating organizations as persons.

Strawman theory

straw manstrawman
They back this claim by misreading the legal definition of person and a misunderstanding of the distinction between a juridicial person and a natural person.

Public Administration of Spain

public administrationspublic administrationAll the administrations of Spain
One of the most basic presupposition for which there is responsibility on the part of the Administration is the existence of a qualified damage to the property or rights of a natural or legal person.

European Privacy Association

In 2013, CEO filed a complaint against EPA because the association had not listed any corporate sponsors in the EU Transparency Register, claiming that it had only ten natural persons as members; EPA then admitted that Microsoft, Google and Yahoo are among its members.

Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency

The REMIT definition of a "market participant" applies to any legal or natural person carrying out transactions in wholesale energy products.

Party for Freedom

PVVPartij voor de VrijheidFreedom Party
The Vereniging Groep Wilders (Association Group Wilders) was founded by the natural person Geert Wilders and Stichting Groep Wilders (Foundation Group Wilders), of which Wilders is the only board member.

Online identity

identityonline identitiesInternet identity
Therefore, they call for an identity management infrastructure that would irrevocably tie online identity to a person's legal identity]; in most such proposals, the system would be developed in tandem with a secure national identity document.

Denis Robert

The Luxembourg company claimed that it was impossible for them to be represented by a natural person in this legal process in France, as they were bound by Luxembourg law to be chaired by a board of directors of a collegial nature.

Neuromorphic engineering

neuromorphicneuromorphic computingmimics the functioning
In a letter signed by 285 experts in law, robotics, medicine, and ethics opposing a European Commission proposal to recognize “smart robots” as legal persons, the authors write, “A legal status for a robot can’t derive from the Natural Person model, since the robot would then hold human rights, such as the right to dignity, the right to its integrity, the right to remuneration or the right to citizenship, thus directly confronting the Human rights.

Campaign finance reform amendment

28th AmendmentWe the People Amendment
It would also grant Congress and the States the ability to distinguish between a natural person and an artificial entity, such as a corporation.

Legal case

casecourt casecases
Where it is considered necessary to protect the anonymity of a natural person, some cases may have one or both parties replaced by a standard pseudonym (Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade) or by an initial (D v D).

Mount Zion Cemetery, Jerusalem

Mount Zion CemeteryProtestant Cemetery on Mount ZionAnglican-Evangelical Cemetery
Under Ottoman law corporations could not own land, but only natural persons.

Swiss people

Prior to 1915, citizens held passports issued by their cantons, the Confederation being considered as a federation of the cantons, not a state composed of natural persons as its citizens.