Navigation system

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A navigation system is a (usually electronic) system that aids in navigation.wikipedia
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Bridge (nautical)

bridgepilothousebridge wing
Navigation systems may be entirely on board a vehicle or vessel (on the ships) bridge, or they may be located elsewhere and communicate via radio or other signals with a vehicle or vessel, or they may use a combination of these methods.
On a commercial vessel, the bridge will contain the equipment necessary to safely navigate a vessel on passage.


A navigation system is a (usually electronic) system that aids in navigation.
Navigation for cars and other land-based travel typically uses maps, landmarks, and in recent times computer navigation ("satnav", short for satellite navigation), as well as any means available on water.


Global Navigation Satellite SystemGLONASS GPSGLONASS K
The first satellite-based radio navigation system developed in the Soviet Union was Tsiklon, which had the purpose of providing ballistic missile submarines a method for accurate positioning.

Guidance system

guidanceguidance systemsguidance and control
A guidance system is usually part of a Guidance, navigation and control system, whereas navigation refers to the systems necessary to calculate the current position and orientation based on sensor data like those from compasses, GPS receivers, Loran-C, star trackers, inertial measurement units, altimeters, etc. The output of the navigation system, the navigation solution, is an input for the guidance system, among others like the environmental conditions (wind, water, temperature, etc.) and the vehicle's characteristics (i.e. mass, control system availability, control systems correlation to vector change, etc.).


electronicelectronic equipmentelectronic device
A navigation system is a (usually electronic) system that aids in navigation.

Automotive navigation system

navigation systemnavigation systemsnavigation

Satellite navigation

GNSSnavigation satelliteglobal navigation satellite system

Computer-assisted surgery

Computer assisted surgerysurgical navigationSurgical navigation system

Hybrid navigation

Hybride Navigation
Hybrid navigation is the simultaneous use of more than one navigation system for location data determination, needed for navigation.

Robot navigation

robot localizationnavigationlocalization
This article will present an overview of the skill of navigation and try to identify the basic blocks of a robot navigation system, types of navigation systems, and closer look at its related building components.

Thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display

TFT LCDs are used in appliances including television sets, computer monitors, mobile phones, handheld devices, video game systems, personal digital assistants, navigation systems, projectors, and car instrument clusters.


GpsDrive is a computer program designed to act as a vehicle navigation system.


Almaz-AnteiAlmaz-Antey ConcernJSC "Concern "Almaz-Antey
The Group also manufacture civilian products such as navigation systems, air traffic systems, civil airtraffic- and weather radars, sewage cleaning systems, ventilation valves for nuclear power plants, and plastic packaging for cosmetics and food products.

RADA Electronic Industries

RADA Electronic Industries Ltd.Rada
It furnishes its clients with data recording and management systems, navigation systems, and radar sensors, among other products.