Navojoa, SonoraNavojoa, MexicoNorth Navojoa
Navojoa is the fifth-largest city in the northern Mexican state of Sonora and is situated in the southern part of the state.wikipedia
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Álvaro Obregón

Alvaro ObregónAlvaro ObregonObregón
The Mexican Revolutionary Álvaro Obregón was born in Hacienda Siquisiva, a small town near Navojoa.
Obregón was born in Siquisiva, Sonora, Municipality of Navojoa, the son of Francisco Obregón and Cenobia Salido.


Sonora, MexicoSonoranSonora State
Navojoa is the fifth-largest city in the northern Mexican state of Sonora and is situated in the southern part of the state.
Water for these farms was secure through the building of the Mocúzari Dam about 15 mi from Navojoa.

Ciudad Obregón

Ciudad Obregón, SonoraCiudad ObregonObregón
Navojoa is 64 km south of Ciudad Obregón connected primarily by a toll highway (Mex.
At the end of his term as president of the country (1920-1924), the General Alvaro Obregón returned to Sonora and carried out business projects in Navojoa and Cajeme, creating in 1925, the company 'Obregón y Cía.', which provided more work and economic development in the Region.

Mayo River (Mexico)

Mayo RiverRío MayoMayo Valley
The city is the administrative seat of Navojoa Municipality, located in the Mayo River Valley.
It is 30 km east of the city of Navojoa, in the municipality of Álamos.

Navojoa Airport

Navojoa also has a local airport (see: Navojoa Airport) next to the industrial sector, which is suitable for light private planes.
Navojoa Airport or Navojoa National Airport (Aeropuerto Nacional de Navojoa) is a small airport located 5 mi south of Navojoa, a city located in the Mayo Valley, in the southern part of the Sonora State in Mexico.

San Ignacio Cohuirimpo

Although Navojoa's streets are almost all paved, horse-drawn carts are still used by the residents of the small surrounding communities (San Ignacio Cohuirimpo, etc.).
San Ignacio Cohuirimpo is a small town and comisaría in the Navojoa municipality, in the Mexican state of Sonora.

Sonora Institute of Technology

Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora
The Sonora Institute of Technology (in Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora, ITSON) is a Mexican public university based in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, with satellite campuses in Guaymas, Empalme and Navojoa.

University of Navojoa

Universidad de Navojoa
The University of Navojoa (Spanish, Universidad de Navojoa) is a Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher learning located in Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico.

Mexican Federal Highway 15

Fed. 15Federal Highway 15Mexico Federal Highway 15
The most important highway serving Navojoa is Mexican Federal Highway 15, a four-lane highway which connects it to north to Ciudad Obregón, Guaymas, Hermosillo, Nogales and the United States of America; and to the south to the states of Sinaloa, Nayarit, Jalisco, Michoacán, State of Mexico and Mexico City.
In southern Sonora, Fed-15 crosses various indigenous Yaqui communities, including Vitam, as well as the Rio Mayo at Navojoa.


Álamos, SonoraReal de los ÁlamosAlamos
Navojoa also acts as a hub for those visiting the colonial town of Álamos, which is 48 km inland toward the mountains of the Sierra Madre.
Álamos is located in the southeastern part of Sonora, and 396 km from state capital Hermosillo, 54 km from Navojoa via Sonora State Highway 162, and 663 km from the northern border town of Nogales.

Las Bocas, Sonora

Las Bocas
Las Bocas, 30 miles south of Navojoa, is a small beach community on the Gulf of California that is frequently visited by the local residents of Navojoa during spring.
Despite being part of Huatabampo, most properties there are owned by families from Navojoa who have their second house next to the beach.

National Pedagogic University (Mexico)

Universidad Pedagógica NacionalNational Pedagogic UniversityUniversidad Pedágogica Nacional

Adolfo Ruiz Cortines Dam

The Adolfo Ruiz Cortines Dam, also called Mocúzarit, is a popular fishing spot and stores water used for irrigating the valley via the Mayo River.
A highway was cut north of Navojoa, 240 miles from the U.S. border.

Manuel Echeverría

Manuel "Ciclón" Echeverría
Manuel "Ciclón" Echeverría, born on August 14, 1913 in Navojoa, Sonora, and died on October 14, 1981 in La Paz, Baja California Sur, was a Mexican baseball player.

Javier Alatorre

Javier Alatorre (born January 15, 1961 in Navojoa, Sonora) is a Mexican journalist.

TecMilenio University

Universidad TecMilenioTecMilenio FerreríaUniversidad TecMilenio, Campus Hermosillo
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Sonora State Highway 162

The main state routes serving Navojoa are Sonora State Highway 149 and Sonora State Highway 162.
It runs from Navojoa, where it is named Lázaro Cárdenas Boulevard, to the town of Álamos.

Mexican Pacific League

Liga Mexicana del PacíficoMexican Pacific Winter LeagueLiga Mexicana del Pacifico
The city of Navojoa has its own baseball team called Mayos de Navojoa which is a member of the Liga Mexicana del Pacífico, the most important baseball league in México.

Ana Patricia Gámez

Ana Patricia GonzálezAna Patricia GonzalezAna Patricia González Montes
Ana Patricia Martínez (née: Gámez Montes, formerly González; born on July 26, 1987 in Navojoa) is a Mexican beauty queen who won the fourth year of Univision's beauty contest/reality television show Nuestra Belleza Latina on May 23, 2010.

Arturo Chacón Cruz

Arturo Chacón-Cruz
Chacón Cruz was born in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, and raised in Navojoa, Sonora.

Fernando Valenzuela

ValenzuelaFernandoFernando '''Valenzuela
Fernando Valenzuela, the youngest of twelve children, was born in Etchohuaquila, a small town within the municipality of Navojoa in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

Sonora State Highway 149

The main state routes serving Navojoa are Sonora State Highway 149 and Sonora State Highway 162.