Stonehenge, the most famous antiquity on Salisbury Plain
"Concentration Camp" at RFC Netheravon, June 1914
Rough map of military training area (green) on Salisbury Plain within Wiltshire (blue) (it accounts for about half the area of Salisbury Plain)
RFC aircraft and tents at Netheravon, June 1914
Stonehenge, on Salisbury Plain
Part of the officers' quarters at Airfield Camp
Military use makes some areas of the plain inaccessible to the public.
DH.89A Dragon Rapide G-AJHO of the Army Parachute Association at Netheravon, 1968
Typical grassland at Netheravon Down.
Control tower in 2007
The burnt-tip orchid (Neotinea ustulata) can be found on Salisbury Plain
The Duke of Burgundy butterfly (Hamearis lucina)
The cuckoo bee Nomada armata
The fairy shrimp Chirocephalus diaphanus
The stone curlew

Netheravon Airfield is a Ministry of Defence grass strip airfield on Salisbury Plain, in Wiltshire, England.

- Netheravon Airfield

A grass aerodrome at Netheravon was used by the RAF until 1963, then by the Army Air Corps until 2012, and now as a tri-service installation.

- Salisbury Plain
Stonehenge, the most famous antiquity on Salisbury Plain

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