Newspaper of record

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A newspaper of record is a major newspaper that has a large circulation and whose editorial and news-gathering functions are considered authoritative.wikipedia
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A newspaper of record is a major newspaper that has a large circulation and whose editorial and news-gathering functions are considered authoritative.
Some newspapers with high editorial independence, high journalism quality, and large circulation are viewed as newspapers of record.

The New York Times

New York TimesNY TimesNYT
The term is believed to have originated among librarians, who began referring to The New York Times as the "newspaper of record" when, in 1913, it became the first U.S. newspaper to publish an index of the subjects covered in its pages.
Nicknamed "The Gray Lady," the Times has long been regarded within the industry as a national "newspaper of record."


It was a newspaper of record in the Soviet Union from 1917 until the dissolution of the USSR in 1991.

The Daily Star (Bangladesh)

The Daily StarDaily StarThe Daily Star'' (Bangladesh)
Founded by Syed Mohammed Ali on 14 January 1991, as Bangladesh transitioned and restored parliamentary democracy, The Daily Star emerged as a leading and influential national newspaper of record.

The Globe and Mail

Globe and MailReport on BusinessThe Globe
The Globe and Mail is regarded by some as Canada's "newspaper of record".

Le Devoir

DevoirLe Devoir'' (Montreal)
Historically Le Devoir was considered Canada's francophone newspaper of record, although in the 21st century it has been challenged for that title by the increased status of competitor La Presse.

Le Figaro

FigaroFigaro littéraireLe Figaro Illustré
Le Figaro is the oldest national daily in France and is one of the three French newspapers of record, along with Le Monde and Libération.

El Mercurio

EMOLEl Mercurio SAPEl Mercurio de Santiago
Its Santiago edition is considered the country's newspaper of record and it is considered the oldest daily in the Spanish language currently in circulation.

Le Monde

Le Monde
Le Monde is one of the French newspapers of record, counting also Libération, and Le Figaro, and the main publication of Le Monde Group.

Die Zeit

Zeit OnlineZeitZeit Magazin
The newspaper is generally considered to be among the German newspapers of record and is known for its long and extensive articles.

The Hindu

HinduKasturi & Sonsthe ''Hindu
It is one of the Indian newspapers of record and the second most circulated English-language newspaper in India, after The Times of India.

La Presse (Canadian newspaper)

La PresseCyberpresseLa Presse (Canada)
These changes had a significant positive impact on quality and circulation, to the point that the paper is now considered a rival to Le Devoir for the title of Quebec's newspaper of record.

Government gazette

official journalofficial gazettegazetted
A "newspaper of public record", sometimes referred to as an "official newspaper", refers to a publicly available newspaper that has been authorized by a government to publish public or legal notices.

NRC Handelsblad

NRCHet HandelsbladNRC-Handelsblad
It is generally accepted as the country's newspaper of record.


Helsinki, FinlandHelsingforsHEL
Sanoma publishes Finland's journal of record, Helsingin Sanomat, the tabloid Ilta-Sanomat, the commerce-oriented Taloussanomat, and the television channel Nelonen.

Dawn (newspaper)

DawnDAWN ImagesDawn newspaper
Dawn is Pakistan's oldest, leading and most widely read English-language newspaper and is the country's newspaper of record.

La Prensa (Panama City)

La PrensaLa Prensa'' (Panama City)
Established by I. Roberto Eisenmann Jr. during a period military dictatorship, Prensa built an international reputation as an independent voice, and has been described as "Panama's leading opposition newspaper" and its newspaper of record.


It's considered as one of Latvia's largest daily periodicals and a paper of record.

Philippine Daily Inquirer

InquirerThe Philippine Daily
Founded in 1985, it is often regarded as the Philippines' newspaper of record.


Al HayatAl-Hayat newspaperAlhayat
It is the newspaper of record for the Arab diaspora and the preferred venue for liberal intellectuals who wish to express themselves to a large public.

Danas (newspaper)

DanasDanas'' (newspaper)
Danas (, Serbo-Croatian for "today"), is an independent daily newspaper of record published in Belgrade, Serbia.

El País

El PaisEl País IconEl País newspaper
El País is the third most read newspaper in Spanish online and one of three Madrid dailies considered to be national newspapers of record for Spain (along with El Mundo and ABC).

Le Temps (Paris)

Le TempsLe ''TempsTemps
At Charles de Gaulle's request, Le Monde was founded on 19 December 1944 to replace Le Temps as the newspaper of record, borrowing the layout and typeface of Le Temps for the new newspaper.

The Daily Telegraph

Daily TelegraphThe TelegraphTelegraph
The Telegraph has been described as a newspaper of record and has generally had an international reputation for quality, having been described by Amol Rajan as "one of the world's great titles".


Politika Newspapers and MagazinesPolitika ExpressPolitika TV review
Founded in 1904 by Vladislav F. Ribnikar, it is the oldest daily newspaper still in circulation in the Balkans and is considered to be Serbia's newspaper of record.