No is a word in English, which may be used as: * Yes and no are positive and negative responses * A determiner in noun phraseswikipedia
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Yes and no

noyesyes" or "no
Yes and no are positive and negative responses
The words yes and no are not easily classified into any of the eight conventional parts of speech.


Noo (disambiguation)
No (disambiguation)

No (kana)

No (kana), a letter/syllable in Japanese script

No symbol

prohibition signcrossing her outno" symbol
No symbol, a circle with a diagonal line through it

Numero sign

Numero sign, written "No." or "№"

No Creek

Julius No

Dr. NoDr. Julius NoDoctor No
Julius No, the titular character of the film

No (2012 film)

No2012No'' (2012 film)
No (2012 film), a 2012 Chilean film

Nô (film)

1998Nô'' (film)
Nô (film), a 1998 Canadian film


No (Meghan Trainor song)

NoNo" (Meghan Trainor song)
"No" (Meghan Trainor song), from her 2016 album Thank You

No (Shakira song)

NoNo" (Shakira song)
"No" (Shakira song), from her 2005 album Fijación Oral, Vol. 1

Relentless (Jason Aldean album)

Relentlessof the same nameRelentless'' (Jason Aldean album)
"No", by Jason Aldean on his album Relentless, 2007

Temptation (Monrose album)

TemptationTemptation'' (Monrose album)
"No", by Monrose on their album Temptation, 2006

Equinox (Omar Rodríguez-López album)

EquinoxEquinox'' (Omar Rodríguez-López album)
"No", by Omar Rodríguez-López on his album Equinox, 2013

Soulfly (album)

Soulflydebut albumeponymous debut album
"No", by Soulfly from Soulfly (album), 1998


Noh playNoh theater
Noh or no, a style of Japanese theatre