Northamptonshire (UK Parliament constituency)

NorthamptonshireNorthamptonshire (seat 1/2)MP for Northamptonshire
The county constituency of Northamptonshire, in the East Midlands of England was a constituency of the House of Commons of the Parliament of England, then of the Parliament of Great Britain from 1707 to 1800 and of the Parliament of the United Kingdom from 1801 to 1832 and was represented in Parliament by two MPs, traditionally known as Knights of the Shire.wikipedia
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Henry Green (courtier)

Sir Henry GreenHenry GreenGreen
He became a JP in 1380 and MP for Huntingdonshire in 1390, for Northamptonshire in 1394 and 1397 and finally in the autumn of 1397 MP for Wiltshire.

Thomas Lovell

Sir Thomas LovellSir '''Thomas LovellSir Thos. Lovell
In the parliament summoned for 7 November 1485 Lovell was chosen for Northamptonshire, and on 8 November 1485 he was elected speaker.

Thomas Tresham (died 1559)

Sir Thomas TreshamThomas TreshamThomas Tresham I
He was chosen Sheriff in 1524, 1539, 1548 and 1555/6, and returned as a Member of Parliament for Northamptonshire in 1541 and twice in 1554.

John Spencer (sheriff)

Sir John SpencerJohn SpencerSir John Spencer of Althorp
He was elected as a Knight of the Shire (MP) for Northamptonshire in April, 1554, and again in 1558.

Edward Montagu of Boughton

Sir Edward MontaguElizabeth, Lady MontaguSir Edward Montagu of Boughton
In 1559, he was elected Member of Parliament for Northamptonshire.

William Catesby

CatesbySir William Catesbyhist
He served as Chancellor of the Exchequer, and as Speaker of the English House of Commons during the Parliament of 1484, in which he sat as knight of the shire for Northamptonshire.

Richard Knightley

Sir Richard Knightley
He was MP for Northampton in the Parliaments of 1584 and 1586, and for Northamptonshire in those of 1589 and 1598.

Thomas Thorpe (speaker)

Thomas ThorpeThomas Thorpe (Speaker of the House of Commons)
His parliamentary career began in October 1449 when he was elected junior knight of the shire (MP) of Northamptonshire with Thomas Tresham.

Thomas Tresham (speaker)

Thomas TreshamSir Thomas Tresham
After recovering from his injuries he again began to take government appointments; he was High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire between 1451 and 1452, a justice of the peace between 1452 and 1460 for Northamptonshire and a Member of Parliament in 1453 for Northamptonshire.

Nicholas Throckmorton

Sir Nicholas ThrockmortonNicolas ThrockmortonLord Throgmorton
In March 1553, he was elected knight of the shire for Northamptonshire and then MP for Old Sarum (Nov 1553), Lyme Regis (1559) and Tavistock (1563).

North Northamptonshire (UK Parliament constituency)

Northamptonshire NorthNorth NorthamptonshireNorthamptonshire Northern
After 1832 the county was split into two new constituencies, North Northamptonshire and South Northamptonshire.

John Tyndale

He was a Member (MP) of the Parliament of England for Northamptonshire in January 1380, October 1382, February 1383, April 1384, November 1384,

William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley

William CecilLord BurghleySir William Cecil
He was elected to Parliament as knight of the shire for Lincolnshire in 1553 (probably), 1555 and 1559 and for Northamptonshire in 1563.


NorthantsCounty of NorthamptonNorthamptonshire, England
The constituency consisted of the historic county of Northamptonshire.

Walter Mildmay

Sir Walter MildmaySir '''Walter Mildmay
On 9 January 1558 he was appointed treasurer of the forces sent to the relief of Calais and was chosen as knight of the shire to represent Northamptonshire in the parliament meeting in January 1557; after this he represented that constituency eight times until his death.

Christopher Hatton

Sir Christopher HattonHatton(Sir) Christopher Hatton
Hatton represented Higham Ferrers in Parliament in 1571, and from May 1572 onwards was a member for Northamptonshire.

John Crew, 1st Baron Crew

John CrewJohn CreweJohn
He was elected MP for Northamptonshire in November 1640 for the Long Parliament.

Valentine Knightley (died 1618)

Valentine KnightleySir Valentine KnightleyValentine
He was knight of the shire (MP) for Northamptonshire in 1604, having also been elected for Dunwich.

John Claypole

Lord ClaypoleJohn lord Claypoole
John Claypole snr was, probably, sheriff for his own county, as major-general William Boteler recommends him to John Thurloe, in a letter to him, dated 16 November; he was a member of Parliament in 1654 for the county of Northamptonshire; he was alive so late as 1657, when he was made a commissioner with his son, for levying the taxes upon the county of Northampton; and to distinguish them, he is called "John Claypole, esq. senior", and his son "lord Claypole".

William Spencer, 2nd Baron Spencer of Wormleighton

Sir William SpencerWilliam Spencer, 2nd Baron SpencerWilliam
He attended Magdalen College, Oxford, and became a Member of Parliament for Brackley in 1614, for Northamptonshire (1620–1622 & 1624–1627).