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Temple of the Chenghuangshen (City God) of Weinan.
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Shaanbei or Northern Shaanxi is the portion of China's Shaanxi province north of the Huanglong Mountain and the Meridian Ridge (the so-called "Guanzhong north mountains"), and is both a geographic as well as a cultural area.

- Northern Shaanxi

Yulin is a prefecture-level city in the Shanbei region of Shaanxi province, China, bordering Inner Mongolia to the north, Shanxi to the east, and Ningxia to the west.

- Yulin, Shaanxi

The region includes two prefectural cities of Yulin, which is known for the Ming Great Wall traversing through its northern part; and Yan'an, which is known as the birthplace of the Chinese Communist Revolution.

- Northern Shaanxi

The other prefecture-level cities into which the province is divided are Ankang, Baoji, Hanzhong, Shangluo, Tongchuan, Weinan, Yan'an and Yulin.

- Shaanxi

The province is geographically divided into three parts, namely Northern, Central and Southern Shaanxi.

- Shaanxi

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Street in Yan'an, 1914
Mao with visiting foreign journalists in 1944
Conference room; tourists can rent and dress in Chinese Red Army garb
Buildings in Baota District
The Yan River in Baota District
A scene at the Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall

Yan'an (Mandarin pronunciation: ), alternatively spelled as Yenan is a prefecture-level city in the Shaanbei region of Shaanxi province, China, bordering Shanxi to the east and Gansu to the west.

Yan'an is located in northern Shaanxi on the Loess Plateau, with a latitude spanning from 35°21′ to 37°31′ N, and a longitude spanning from 107°41′ t0 110°31′ E. The city is bordered by Yulin to the north, Xianyang, Tongchuan, and Weinan in the Guanzhong region to the south, Linfen and Lüliang of Shanxi to the east across the Yellow River, and Qingyang of Gansu to the west across the Ziwu Ridge.