Tower of All Saints Church
Scratchbury Camp, viewed from Battlesbury Hill
Pencil sketch of Scratchbury camp by Sir Richard Colt-Hoare, 1810. The seven tumuli within the hill fort are also shown.
Detail of the northeast flank earthwork defences at Scratchbury Camp
Drawing of finds from the Scratchbury Grave Group, 1869; William Pilsbury after Richard Colt-Hoare (1758–1838); Watercolour on paper, 26.7 x 17.8 (cm); located at the Society of Antiquaries of London
1817 Ordnance Survey Map of Scratchbury Camp
Scratchbury Camp as viewed from the southwest: the distinctive features of Scratchbury Hill, including the ramparts of the hill fort and one of the taller barrows, are clearly defined
The Adonis blue butterfly can be found on and around Scratchbury Camp
Siegfried Sassoon

Scratchbury Camp is the site of an Iron Age univallate hillfort on Scratchbury Hill, overlooking the Wylye valley about 1 km northeast of the village of Norton Bavant in Wiltshire, England.

- Scratchbury Camp

To the north lies Scratchbury and Cotley Hills Site of Special Scientific Interest, and the Iron Age hillfort of Scratchbury Camp.

- Norton Bavant
Tower of All Saints Church

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Cotley Hill

Scratchbury and Cotley Hills SSSI

Cotley Hill

Scratchbury & Cotley Hills SSSI is a 53.5 hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest at Norton Bavant in Wiltshire, England, notified in 1951.

The Iron Age hillfort of Scratchbury Camp occupies the summit of the hill.