William J. Donovan
General William J. Donovan reviews Operational Group members in Bethesda, Maryland prior to their departure for China in 1945.
OSS missions and bases in East Asia
OSS 1st Lieutenant George Musulin behind enemy lines in German-occupied Serbia, as a Chetnik, during his first mission in November 1943. His second mission was Operation Halyard.
OSS T13 Beano Grenade and compass hidden in a button, CIA Museum
Major league baseball player Moe Berg of the Boston Red Sox was an OSS agent
Col. Peter Ortiz, USMC
OSS created this false ID for Joe Savoldi - posing as Giuseppe De Leo while infiltrating the black market in Naples

He was a member of the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the U.S. CIA, during World War II.

- Robert Kearns

The biographical film Flash of Genius (2008) is about famed American inventor and OSS veteran Robert Kearns.

- Office of Strategic Services

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