Olga Zimina

Olga Zimina in 2008

Russian-born Italian chess player.

- Olga Zimina

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Women's World Chess Championship 2017

64-player knock-out tournament, to decide the women's world chess champion.

Tan Zhongyi at the 2016 Chess Olympiad.
Muzychuk reached the final without playing a single tie-break.

Bela Khotenashvili (28) | 1 |🇮🇹 Olga Zimina (37) | 3

Russian Chess Championship

The Russian Chess Championship has taken various forms.

Emanuel Schiffers

51 || 2001 || Elista || Olga Zimina

Women's event at the 42nd Chess Olympiad

Held from 2–13 September 2016 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Valentina Gunina of Russia won the individual gold medal in the women's event.
Women's World Champion and women's world no. 1 Hou Yifan was playing on board one for China
Women's world no. 3 Ju Wenjun is playing on board three for China
Women's world no. 4 Anna Muzychuk was playing on board one for Ukraine
Women's world no. 5 Harika Dronavalli was playing on board one for India
Former Women's World Champion and world no. 6 Mariya Muzychuk was playing on board two for Ukraine

Women's World Champion Hou Yifan scored a nice win over Olga Zimina after sacrificing two minor pieces for a strong attack against the uncastled Black king.

Zimin (surname)

Russian masculine surname, its feminine counterpart is Zimina.

The Cross of Mathilde, a crux gemmata made for Mathilde, Abbess of Essen (973–1011), who is shown kneeling before the Virgin and Child in the enamel plaque. The figure of Christ is slightly later. Probably made in Cologne or Essen, the cross demonstrates several medieval techniques: cast figurative sculpture, filigree, enamelling, gem polishing and setting, and the reuse of Classical cameos and engraved gems.

Olga Zimina (born 1982), Russian-Italian chess player

Women's European Individual Chess Championship 2017

Swiss-system tournament in Riga, to decide the women's European individual chess champion.

A 16-player single elimination tournament: 12 games have been played, and the winner of Lisa vs Ernie will play the winner of Andrew vs Robert, in the final

47. || align=left | 🇮🇹 Olga Zimina (ITA) || 2395 || 105b1 || 73w½ || 51b1 || 12w1 || 1w½ || 8b½ || 13w½ || 20b½ || 11w½ || 3b0 || 17w0 || 6 || 0 || 72 || 76,5 || 2425

List of female chess players

This article lists female chess players who have received official World Chess Federation (FIDE) titles or are otherwise renowned as women in chess.

🇮🇹 Olga Zimina

Marina Brunello

Italian chess player.

Marina Brunello in 2012

Brunello won the Italian women's championship for the second time in 2018, after beating Olga Zimina in a playoff.

Italian Chess Championship

Established in 1920.

44 || 2017 || Cosenza || Olga Zimina