Marines in Tsingtao during Operation Beleaguer
A Marine Corps Grumman F7F-3N Tigercat at Peking's Nan Yuan Airfield in December 1945
USS Princeton (CV-37) off Tsingtao in 1948
A United States Navy Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk scout plane over Shanghai in 1948. This aircraft was assigned to the cruiser USS Duluth. It was transported through the streets of Shanghai and fitted with landing gear instead of its normal floats.
Marine F4U-4 Corsairs at Tsingtao in early 1948.
Gerald P. Pulley in Tsingtao in 1949.
Brigadier general Merritt A. Edson, Commanding General Service Command Fleet Marine Force Pacific, Major general DeWitt Peck (CG 1st Marine Division), Louis E. Woods (CG 1st Marine Aircraft Wing), Tientsin, September 1945.

United States Marine Corps general who served with distinction in the Marine Corps for thirty-eight years.

- Samuel L. Howard

Rockey was finally relieved of command on September 18, 1946, and replaced by Major General Samuel L. Howard, who would manage most of the withdrawal.

- Operation Beleaguer

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