Otto Matieson

Otto Matieson (27 March 1893 – 19 February 1932) was a Danish actor of the silent era.wikipedia
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Scaramouche (1923 film)

Scaramouche1923 film versionScaramouche (1923)
Scaramouche (1923)
Otto Matieson as Philippe de Vilmorin

The Folly of Vanity

The Folly of Vanity (1924)
Otto Matiesen - Frenchman

The Dangerous Maid

The Dangerous Maid (1923)
Otto Matieson - Judge George Jeffreys

Captain Blood (1924 film)

Captain BloodCaptain Blood'' (1924 film)Captain Blood'' (1924)
Captain Blood (1924)
Otto Matieson as Lord Jeffreys

Revelation (1924 film)

RevelationRevelation'' (1924 film)
Revelation (1924)
Otto Matieson - Du Clos

The Happy Warrior (1925 film)

The Happy WarriorThe Happy Warrior'' (1925 film)
The Happy Warrior (1925)
Otto Matieson as Egbert

Parisian Love

The Last Moment

The Last Moment (1928)
The film starred Otto Matieson and Georgia Hale.

Sackcloth and Scarlet

Sackcloth and Scarlet (1925)
The film stars Alice Terry, Orville Caldwell, Dorothy Sebastian, Otto Matieson, Kathleen Kirkham, and John Miljan.

Yellow Fingers

Yellow Fingers (1926)
The film stars Olive Borden, Ralph Ince, Claire Adams, Edward Peil, Sr., Otto Matieson, and Nigel De Brulier.

Whispering Wires

Whispering Wires (1926)
The film stars Anita Stewart, Edmund Burns, Charles Clary, Otto Matieson, Mack Swain and Arthur Housman.

Christine of the Big Tops

Christine of the Big Tops (1926)
Otto Mattiesen - Hagan (*as Otto Matieson)

Old San Francisco

“Old San Francisco”
Old San Francisco (1927)
Otto Matieson as another Vasquez grandson (in Prologue)

The Silver Treasure

The Silver Treasure (1926)
Otto Matieson - Martin Decoud

The Beloved Rogue

The Beloved Rogue (1927)
Otto Matieson—Olivier (as Otto Mattiesen)

Too Many Crooks (1927 film)

Too Many CrooksToo Many Crooks'' (1927 film)
Too Many Crooks (1927)
Too Many Crooks is a lost 1927 American comedy silent film directed by Fred C. Newmeyer, written by E.J. Rath and Rex Taylor, and starring Mildred Davis, Lloyd Hughes, George Bancroft, El Brendel, William V. Mong, John St. Polis and Otto Matieson.

The Woman from Moscow

The Woman from Moscow (1928)
Otto Matieson as Gretch Milner

Napoleon's Barber

Napoleon's Barber (1928)
Otto Matieson as Napoleon

The Road to Romance

The Road to Romance (1927)
Otto Matieson as Don Carlos (credited as Otto Matiesen)

The Scarlet Lady (1928 film)

The Scarlet LadyThe Scarlet Lady'' (1928 film)
The Scarlet Lady (1928)
Otto Matieson - The Valet

The Desert Bride (1928 film)

The Desert BrideThe Desert Bride'' (1928 film)
The Desert Bride (1928)
Otto Matieson as Kassim Ben Ali

General Crack

General Crack (1929)
Otto Matieson as Col. Gabor