A report on Our Lady Peace and Ridley College

Our Lady Peace performing in 2009
Coat of arms of Ridley College
Raine Maida co-founded the band with Mike Turner in 1992
Dr. John Ormsby Miller, first headmaster of Ridley College.
Jeremy Taggart joined the band as drummer in April 1993
Gooderham House at Ridley College in the 1920s.
The exact circumstances surrounding former lead guitarist Mike Turner's 2001 departure are disputed
The Iggulden Gym at Ridley College in the 1940s.
The Memorial Great Hall at Ridley College was opened in 1950 and dedicated to alumni who lost their lives in World War II.
Lower School at Ridley College.
Upper School at Ridley College.
Ridley College Memorial Chapel.
Ridley College Memorial Chapel.
Arthur Bishop House, which includes Arthur Bishop East and West (two of the five boys’ houses within Ridley College).
Ridley College's mascot,
F.W. Baldwin at Ridley College, 1900

Duncan Coutts, a Ridley College alumnus and former classmate of Raine Maida, joined the band during the recording of that second album.

- Our Lady Peace

Raine Maida, lead singer of Our Lady Peace (he did not graduate from Ridley)

- Ridley College
Our Lady Peace performing in 2009

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Maida performing with Our Lady Peace in 2010

Raine Maida

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Maida performing with Our Lady Peace in 2010
Maida performing solo in 2007
Maida during a 2008 interview

Raine Maida (born Michael Anthony Maida; February 18, 1970) is a Canadian musician best known as being the lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the alternative rock band Our Lady Peace.

Before pursuing a musical career, Maida studied criminology at the University of Toronto, and prior to that attended Ridley College in St. Catharines although he did not graduate.

Coutts performing in 2009

Duncan Coutts

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Coutts performing in 2009

Robert Duncan Coutts is a Canadian musician, best known for being the bassist for Our Lady Peace since 1995.

Before joining Our Lady Peace, he went to Ridley College and studied film at Toronto's Ryerson University, graduating from The University of Western Ontario in 1993.