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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to thought (thinking):
thinking skillsdecision-making processesThinkingdecision-makingThinking-related topicsThoughtEmotional intelligencedecision making processes


Cabrera posits that these four patterns underlie all cognition, that they are universal to the process of structuring information, and that people can improve their thinking skills by learning to use the four elements explicitly.

Mental process

mental processmental functionmental processes
Thought (also called thinking) – the mental process in which beings form psychological associations and models of the world.


Thought (also called thinking) – the mental process in which beings form psychological associations and models of the world.


Thinking is manipulating information, as when we form concepts, engage in problem solving, reason and make decisions.


cognitivecognitioncognitive function

Figurative system of human knowledge

figurative system of human knowledgetaxonomy of human knowledgetaxonomic structure

Master of Business Administration

MBAM.B.A.master of business administration
Programs may also include (coursework-based) training in the skills needed at senior levels of management: soft skills, such as (general) leadership and negotiation; hard skills, such as spreadsheets and project management; thinking skills such as innovation and creativity.

Global justice

global justiceglobal ethicsjust global economic order
These are 1) dialogue, 2) effective and representative multilateral institutions, 3) representative decision-making structures, 4) fair treatment, 5) empathy, 6) accountability, 7) transparency, and 8) adherence to international law.

Nari Mukti Sangh

The organisation strives to generate "space to women’s voice" and motivates them to partake in "economic, political and social activity and decision making processes."

Muhammad Khan Junejo

Mohammad JunejoMuhammad JunejoM.K. Junejo
His mindset reflected a conservatism and was a powerful feudalist whom President Zia considered him to be ineffective in leading towards the decision-making processes.

Creative problem-solving

creative problem solvingCreative Problem Solving Processcreativity in problem solving

Unconscious mind

unconsciousunconscious mindunconsciously