Leather bound SOED Sixth Edition
Matrices for casting type collected by Bishop Fell, part of his collection now known as the "Fell Types", shown in the OUP Museum
Oxford University Press building from Walton Street
Seven of the twenty volumes of the Oxford English Dictionary (second edition, 1989)

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (SOED) is an English language dictionary published by the Oxford University Press.

- Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford University Press publishes a variety of dictionaries (e.g.Oxford English Dictionary, Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Compact Oxford English Dictionary, Compact Editions of the Oxford English Dictionary, Compact Oxford English Dictionary of Current English, Concise Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford Dictionary of Marketing, Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, English as a second or foreign language resources (e.g. Let's Go), English language exams (e.g. Oxford Test of English and the Oxford Placement Test), bibliographies (e.g.Oxford Bibliographies Online ), books on indology, music, classics, literature, history, bibles and atlases.

- Oxford University Press

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Second Edition

Oxford English Dictionary

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Second Edition
Diagram of the types of English vocabulary included in the OED, devised by James Murray, its first editor.
Frederick Furnivall, 1825–1910
James Murray in the Scriptorium at Banbury Road
A quotation slip as used in the compilation of the OED, illustrating the word flood.
The 78 Banbury Road, Oxford, house, erstwhile residence of James Murray, Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary
Editing an entry of the NOED using LEXX
A printout of the SGML markup used in the computerization of the OED, showing pencil annotations used to mark corrections.
A screenshot of the first version of the OED second edition CD-ROM software.
OED2 4th Edition CD-ROM.
The Compact Oxford English Dictionary (second edition, 1991).
Part of an entry in the 1991 compact edition, with a centimetre scale showing the very small type sizes used.
William Chester Minor, 1834–1920

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is the principal historical dictionary of the English language, published by Oxford University Press (OUP).

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, originally started in 1902 and completed in 1933, is an abridgement of the full work that retains the historical focus, but does not include any words which were obsolete before 1700 except those used by Shakespeare, Milton, Spenser, and the King James Bible.