Looking north along Walton Street with the Oxford University Press on the left and Somerville College on the right hand side.
Somerville College Hall
Oxford University Press building on Walton Street from Somerville College.
The mathematician and scientist Mary Somerville, 1780–1872, after whom the college is named
Matrices for casting type collected by Bishop Fell, part of his collection now known as the "Fell Types", shown in the OUP Museum
New Radcliffe House in the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter off Walton Street, completed in 2012<ref>{{cite web | url=http://www.longcross.co.uk/newsroom/latest/new-radcliffe-house | title=Longcross Completes New Radcliffe House for Oxford University | date=June 2012 | website=www.longcross.co.uk | publisher=Longcross | location=UK | access-date=23 October 2012 | url-status=dead | archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20121104065733/http://www.longcross.co.uk/newsroom/latest/new-radcliffe-house | archive-date=4 November 2012 | df=dmy-all }}</ref> and housing the Jericho Health Centre, with the tower of the Radcliffe Observatory in the background.
Somerville College Library with hyacinths
Oxford University Press building from Walton Street
The 2015 Blavatnik School of Government building by Herzog & de Meuron on Walton Street, opposite the Oxford University Press building and next to Somerville College.
House seen from the Quad
Seven of the twenty volumes of the Oxford English Dictionary (second edition, 1989)
The Freud cafe-bar on Walton Street, in the former St Paul's church building, opposite the junction with Great Clarendon Street and next to the Blavatnik School of Government.
House seen from the east
Shops on Walton Street near Walton Crescent in Jericho.
Park Building
The entrance to St Sepulchre's Cemetery, off Walton Street.
Somerville College Library
Ruskin College in Walton Street.
View of Hall and Maitland (right) from the quad
The former Jericho Health Centre building in Walton Street.
Midcounties Co-operative “Swift Shop” in Walton Street.
Darbishire Quad
The Victoria public house<ref>{{cite web| title=The Victoria | url=http://www.victorianpub.co.uk/ | location=Oxford, UK | access-date=30 August 2012 }}</ref> on the corner of the north end of Walton Street and St Bernard's Road (left).
Somerville College Chapel with Vaughan on the right
Freud café/bar at 119 Walton Street, in a former Greek Revival church dating from 1836.
Wolfson building
ROQ East from outside the college
Somerville College in snow
Rowing blade design of Somerville College Boat Club
Somerville College Chapel
Somerville's Position in the Norrington Table since 2006
Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, the current principal

Somerville College, one of the former women-only colleges, also backs onto the street.

- Walton Street, Oxford

The Oxford University Press (just south of the junction with Great Clarendon Street) and the original location of Ruskin College are on the west side of the street, the former Church of England parish church of Saint Paul on the east side is almost opposite the OUP and St Sepulchre's Cemetery is off the street to the west.

- Walton Street, Oxford

The press is located on Walton Street, Oxford, opposite Somerville College, in the inner suburb of Jericho.

- Oxford University Press

It stands near the Science Area, University Parks, Oxford University Press, Jericho and Green Templeton, St Anne's, Keble and St Benet's.

- Somerville College, Oxford

The college and its main entrance, the Porters' Lodge, are located at the southern end of Woodstock Road, with Little Clarendon Street to the south, Walton Street to the west and the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter to the north.

- Somerville College, Oxford
Looking north along Walton Street with the Oxford University Press on the left and Somerville College on the right hand side.

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