Central part of Paberžė village
Fragment of a map of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1613) and Paberžė (Podbrzezie), shown just north of Vilnius (Vilna).

Village in Vilnius District Municipality, Lithuania.

- Paberžė

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Vilnius District Municipality

One of 60 municipalities in Lithuania.

Tumuli of Karmazinai
New Klevinė settlement in Vilnius district municipality. Because of recent urban sprawl, such new fast-growing quarters surround Vilnius city
Riešė village in Vilnius district municipality. One of the fastest growing localities in the vicinity of the capital.
Neoclassical Maišiagala manor, Vilnius district municipality.
Baroque Liubavas manor buildings in Riešė elderate, Vilnius district municipality.
Interior of early XIX c. Sudervė church, which belongs to a rare in Lithuania rotonda type building
Neris river outcrop near Airėnai village
Sacred Daubos Oak in Neris Regional Park
Swamp near Šilėnai
Buivydai hillfort
Ilgutis lake near Keturiasdešimt Totorių
Stones "Three Brothers" near Sudervė
Medininkai Castle
Catholic church in Paberžė
Wooden Old Believers church in Žemaitėliai
Orthodox church in Geisiškės village
Wooden mosque in Keturiasdešimt Totorių
Tower chapel in Sudervė
Road near Marijampolis
Geographical Center of Europe
Stone sculptures in Vilnoja lake near Sudervė
Liubavas mill-museum
Museum of Władysław Syrokomla in Bareikiškės
Road near Lavoriškės

Paberžė – 919

Abraham Cahan

Lithuanian-born Jewish American socialist newspaper editor, novelist, and politician.

Socialist newspaper editor and novelist
Abraham Cahan in his later years.

Abraham Cahan was born July 7, 1860, in Paberžė in Lithuania (at the time in Vilnius Governorate, Russian Empire), into an Orthodox, Litvak family.

Glinciszki massacre

Mass murder of Polish civilians by the German-subordinated 258th Lithuanian Police Battalion, committed on 20 June 1944 in the Glitiškės village (Glinciszki; in interwar Second Polish Republic, war-time Generalbezirk Litauen, post-war Lithuanian SSR, now Lithuania) during World War II.

Cross at the sight of the massacre, with inscription: Boże! Zlituj się nad Nami

A few days later, the dead were exhumed and reburied near the road to Paberžė (Podbrzezie).

Stasys Šilingas

Prominent lawyer and statesman in interwar Lithuania.

Stasys Šilingas in 1936
Šilingas (standing far right) at the Stockholm conference in 1917

He was a Baron through his maternal grandfather, Count Stanislav Šilingas of Paberžė, who was exiled to Siberia and whose property and estate were confiscated by the authorities of the Russian Empire for his monetary support of the failed Uprising of 1863.

List of villages and towns depopulated of Jews during the Holocaust

Partial list of selected villages and towns depopulated of Jews during the Holocaust.

A Jewish wedding with a Klezmer band in a shtetl, by Isaak Asknaziy

Paberžė (Podbereze)


Village in Kėdainiai district municipality, in Kaunas County, central Lithuania.

The road to Šlapaberžė through Berželė
Central part
A solitary homestead of Berželė
A solitary homestead of Berželė

Once, a large birch forest covered the area and a lot of locations were named with the root berž-, like Kalnaberžė, Šlapaberžė, Beržai, Paberžė.


Village in Vilnius district municipality, Lithuania.

Anavilis is situated just outside Paberžė and together those two settlements function as (technically) one urban entity.

Army of Central Lithuania

Army of Central Lithuania - armed forces of the state of Central Lithuania proclaimed by General Lucjan Żeligowski on October 12, 1920.

Badge of Honor of the Central Lithuanian Army
Flag of Central Lithuania
Territory of Central Lithuania
Generał Lucjan Żeligowski (1865–1947)

2nd squadron – Paberžė

Eduards Volters

Linguist, ethnographer, archaeologist who studied the Baltic languages and culture.

Volters around 1900
Volters around 1885
Volters around 1919
Volters (left) with Aleksandras Račkus in 1935

The idea was to distribute the book near Paberžė hoping that Lithuanian-language sermons would attract Roman Catholics and would persuade them to convert.


Village in Vilnius District Municipality, in Riešė Eldership.

It is located 8 kilometers south of Paberžė.