Mardi Gras papier-mâché masks, Haiti
Function of an APFSDS sabot red: propellant orange: long rod penetrator yellow: propellant gases green: sabot blue: gun barrel
Papier-mâché Catrinas, traditional figures for day of the dead celebrations in Mexico
American 120 mm M829A2 APFSDS shell.
Papier-mâché with the strips method for the creation of a pig
Lead bullet being supported by a wooden cup sabot in a Delvigne gun.
Papier-mâché mask created with the pulp method
Series of individual 1/1,000,000 second exposures showing shotgun firing shot and expanding cup sabot separation.
Detail of gilt papier-mâché as applied to an English picture frame
Cup sabot function
Building of a papier-mâché mask for the sculpture of Nichi Vendola, in the Carnival of Massafra
thumb|Sabot shell with cup sabot for an 1824 Paixhans gun.
The Schenkl projectile, used in the American Civil War, used a papier-mâché sabot
Expanding cup sabot function
Santi Guglielmo e Pellegrino in the Foggia Cathedral (Apulia, Italy)
.30-06 cartridge with expanding cup sabot projectile.
Carmen y los superhéroes de la Naturaleza, Catrina exhibited at the Interactive Museum-Labyrinth of Science and Arts in San Luis Potosí City (San Luis Potosí, Mexico)
Base sabot function
Chair decorated with papier-mâché and mother of pearl, exhibited in the Museum of Carmen de Maipú (Chile)
APDS-projectile with base sabot and "support ring" sabot.
Papier-mâché shark
Spindle sabot function
Papier-mâché rooster at Lisbon (Portugal)
French OFL 120 F1 APFSDS long rod penetrator with "saddle-back" spindle sabot.
Ring sabot function.
Soviet 125 mm BM-15 long rod penetrator projectile with ring sabot.

Made of some lightweight material (usually high strength plastic in small caliber rifles, (see SLAP Saboted light armor penetrator), shotguns and muzzle loader ammunition; aluminium, steel, and carbon fiber reinforced plastic for modern anti-tank kinetic energy ammunition; and, in classic times, wood or papier-mâché – in muzzle loading cannons).

- Sabot (firearms)

Papier-mâché was used in a number of firearms as a material to form sabots.

- Papier-mâché
Mardi Gras papier-mâché masks, Haiti

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