Patagonian Steppe landscape
Natural grasslands next to the road to Cerro Castillo.
A satellite image of the Patagonian Desert by NASA World Wind
The critically endangered hooded grebe
Astronaut photography of the Patagonian Desert (most of the view) contrasted with the Limay River, seen flowing eastward from the Andes.
Grassland in the Falkland Islands
Barren Patagonian Desert at the Bosques Petrificados National Park
Like Rada Tilly, on the Atlantic Ocean, most of the larger settlements in the steppe are located along the coast.

To the north the grasslands adjoin the Patagonian steppe ecoregion.

- Patagonian grasslands

On the west the Patagonian grasslands portion of the Patagonian Desert are bounded by nothofagus forests of the Magellanic subpolar forests.

- Patagonian Desert
Patagonian Steppe landscape

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