Patrol boat

PCE-872, a World War II patrol craft escort of the U.S. Navy
, an example of a modern patrol boat of the Albanian Naval Force
Argentine Naval Prefecture's GC67 patrol vessel
HMAS Armidale of the Royal Australian Navy
, AShM armed LPC of the Bangladesh Navy
Leader-class OPVs of Bangladesh Coast Guard
, a Harry DeWolf-class offshore patrol vessel of the Royal Canadian Navy
, a PAV-IV-class patrol boat of the Colombian National Navy
HDMS Støren (P555), a with the Royal Danish Navy
Kurki (51), a with the Finnish Navy
Maritime Gendarmerie Vedette class patrol boat
New Bundespolizei offshore patrol vessel BP 81 Potsdam
Hellenic Navy HSY-56A gunboat HS Aittitos
Sea Panther (PL 3), a with the Hong Kong Police Marine Unit
The Indian Coast Guard's offshore patrol vessel at sea.
returns to Kochi post an 80 day anti piracy patrol in the Gulf of Aden
KN Tanjung Datu (1101) of the Indonesian Maritime Security Agency
Slovenian Navy HPL-21, an example of the Israeli-made also in service with the Israeli Navy
Italian Navy Comandanti-class Cigala Fulgosi
Italian Coast Guard patrol boat U. Diciotti, CP-902
(Japan Coast Guard), the largest patrol boat in the world
Japan Coast Guard Hida
Protector class patrol boat P52 of the Maritime Squadron of the Armed Forces of Malta.
ARM Oaxaca, lead boat of the Oaxaca-class.
Durango-class offshore patrol vessels in formation.
Kotor class frigate of the Montenegrin Navy
Royal Moroccan NavyOPV-70
NoCGV Tor (W334 KYSTVAKT) from Nornen Class of the Norwegian Coast Guard
, Philippine Navy
, Philippine Navy
Gabriela Silang-class offshore patrol vessel, Philippine Coast Guard
San Juan-class patrol vessel, Philippine Coast Guard
Ilocos Norte-class patrol boat, Philippine Coast Guard
Parola-class patrol vessel, Philippine Coast Guard
NRP Viana do Castelo, offshore patrol vessel of the Portuguese Navy
Russian Coast Guard Rubin class patrol boat Zhemchug on the Almaz Shipbuilding Company
Fouladou, OPV 190 from Senegalese navy
Police Coast Guard third generation PT Class Flower Ray(PT65),conducting a sea-rescue demonstration
Meteoro (P-41)
, a with the Royal Swedish Navy
Turkish TCG Karabiga (P-1205), one of the Tuzla-class patrol boats
Two River class offshore patrol vessels of the Royal Navy
USS Firebolt (PC-10), a United States Navy
Naiguatá during sea trials

Relatively small naval vessel generally designed for coastal defence, border protection, immigration law-enforcement, search and rescue duties.

- Patrol boat

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Small warship.

Anti-Submarine warfare Corvette INS Kamorta of the Indian Navy
A corvette in the Trianon model collection.
French steam corvette (1856–1887)
, a
Argentine MEKO
A Swedish stealth corvette
Corvette Braunschweig of the German Navy
, an Argentine corvette from 1874, has been a museum ship in Buenos Aires since 1967

The modern types of ships below a corvette are coastal patrol craft, missile boat and fast attack craft.

Naval ship

Military ship used by a navy.

, a former British aircraft carrier
USS Port Royal (CG-73), an American cruiser
A of the German Navy
, a Canadian destroyer
, an Australian frigate
Al-Fahaheel, a La Combattante-class fast attack craft of the Kuwaiti Navy
The "Baden-Württemberg", an F125-class frigate of the German Navy; currently the biggest frigates worldwide

Patrol boat

Patrol Boat, River

PBR Mark II forward .50 caliber twin M2 machine guns

Patrol Boat, Riverine, or PBR, is the United States Navy designation for a small rigid-hulled patrol boat used in the Vietnam War from March 1966 until 1975.


Branch of a nation's armed forces principally designated for naval and amphibious warfare; namely, lake-borne, riverine, littoral, or ocean-borne combat operations and related functions.

The Spanish Armada fighting the English navy at the Battle of Gravelines in 1588
British and Danish navies in the line of battle at the Battle of Copenhagen (1801)
A flotilla from the Indian Navy's Western Fleet escorts the aircraft carriers and through the Arabian Sea in 2014.
Fourth Style wall painting with naumachia (triremes), a detail from a panel from the portico of the Temple of Isis in Pompeii, Naples National Archaeological Museum.
Two Javanese jongs, one is a 6-masted ship viewed from aft, the other is a 7-masted ship.
, the oldest warship still in commission in the world.
Dreadnoughts of the High Seas Fleet of World War I.
U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Nimitz
sails towards the Falkland Islands during the Falklands War of 1982. The Falklands War was the largest naval conflict since World War II.
US Navy officers aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) monitor defense systems during maritime security operations. Navies may conduct military operations other than war.
Ship's bell of - Polish Navy school tall ship
s are the largest submarines ever built.
is a stealth frigate of the Indian Navy
Royal Canadian Navy's
Soviet PT-76 light amphibious tank moves down the ramp of an hovercraft.
Ships of the multinational fleet Combined Task Force 150
Indonesian Navy officers
Chinese sailors, 2009
Newly commissioned officers celebrate their new positions by throwing their midshipmen covers into the air as part of a U.S. Naval Academy graduation and commissioning ceremony.
From left to right: President P. E. Svinhufvud and Commander Einar Schwank of the Finnish Navy at the Crichton-Vulcan shipyard in Turku, Finland, in 1931
Jaubert commandos of the French Navy demonstrating a mock, seaborne assault on the support vessel Alcyon.
Spanish Navy Marines
A Sea Harrier on the flight deck of an Indian Navy aircraft carrier in 2007.

There are also support and auxiliary ships, including the oiler, minesweeper, patrol boat, hydrographic and oceanographic survey ship and tender.

Point-class cutter

U.S. Coast Guard patrol boat Point Warde (WPB-82368) off the coast during Upward Key '87, a joint exercise of U.S. and Antigua and Barbuda Defense Forces
Gun crew on board USCGC Point Comfort (WPB-82317) firing 81mm mortar during bombardment of suspected Viet Cong staging area one mile behind An Thoi, August 1965
Point Gammon gets a camouflage coat of dark grey paint at Da Nang, October 1965, for its conversion from Coast Guard use to Vietnam War river patrol duties.

The Point-class cutter was a class of 82-foot patrol vessels designed to replace the United States Coast Guard's aging 83-foot wooden hull patrol boat being used at the time.

Italian Navy

Navy of the Italian Republic.

Coat of arms of the Italian Navy, displaying the coats of arms of former Italian maritime republics (clockwise from top left: Venice, Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi)
Aircraft carrier just before being scrapped in La Spezia, 1951
The carrier Cavour in the Gulf of Oman, 2013
Naval ensign of Italy
AV-8B Harrier II
EH-101-410 Merlin
Camcopter S-100

Patrol and littoral warfare units include: 10 offshore patrol vessels, 10 mine countermeasure vessels, 4 coastal patrol boats, and a varied fleet of auxiliary ships are also in service.

Sri Lanka Navy

Naval arm of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and is classed as the country's most vital defence force due to its island geography and is responsible for the maritime defense of the Sri Lankan nation and its interests.

Emblem of Sri Lanka Navy
Sri Lanka Navy personnel on Independence Day parade
Naval Ensign of the Royal Ceylon Navy (1950–1972).
Sri Lanka Navy Ensign.
SLNS Samudura, fast gun boats and troopship JetLiner in the Colombo harbor.
SLNS Gajabahu (P626), SLNS Sayurala (P623) and SLNS Sindurala (P624) during 2022 Colombo Naval Exercise. SLNS Samudura (P261) also visible in the distance.
The U.S. 7th Fleet flagship USS Blue Ridge maneuvers into formation with SLNS Sayura and SLNS Samudura.
Command structure of the Sri Lanka Navy.
The Naval Areas of Operations. Note that the Southern and Eastern areas overlap (stripes).
Members of the Sri Lanka Navy Band perform at Mattur Public Grounds during a community relations event in 2018.
Sri Lankan Navy divers and their US counterparts during a joint diving exercise in the Apra Harbor off the coast of Guam

The Sri Lanka Navy has five Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessels (equivalent to a traditional patrol frigate), three Offshore Patrol Vessels, two missile boats, 40 fast attack crafts, more than 200 patrol boats, seven landing ships/craft, along with six auxiliary vessels.

Gas turbine

Often used to increase efficiency , to convert power into mechanical or electric form (on turboshafts and electric generators), or to achieve greater thrust-to-weight ratio (on afterburning engines).

Examples of gas turbine configurations: (1) turbojet, (2) turboprop, (3) turboshaft (electric generator), (4) high-bypass turbofan, (5) low-bypass afterburning turbofan
Sketch of John Barber's gas turbine, from his patent
Brayton cycle
typical axial-flow gas turbine turbojet, the J85, sectioned for display. Flow is left to right, multistage compressor on left, combustion chambers center, two-stage turbine on right
An LM6000 in an electrical power plant application
Gateway Generating Station, a combined-cycle gas-fired power station in California, uses two GE 7F.04 combustion turbines to burn natural gas.
GE H series power generation gas turbine: in combined cycle configuration, its highest thermodynamic efficiency is 62.22%
Scale jet engines are scaled down versions of this early full scale engine
MAZ-7907, a transporter erector launcher with a turbine-electric transmission
The 1950 Rover JET1
GM Firebird I
Engine compartment of a Chrysler 1963 Turbine car
The 1967 STP Oil Treatment Special on display at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum, with the Pratt & Whitney gas turbine shown
A 1968 Howmet TX, the only turbine-powered race car to have won a race
Marines from 1st Tank Battalion load a Honeywell AGT1500 multi-fuel turbine back into an M1 Abrams tank at Camp Coyote, Kuwait, February 2003
The Gas turbine from MGB 2009
Project 61 large ASW ship,
An LM2500 gas turbine on USS Ford (FFG-54)
Boeing Jetfoil 929-100-007 Urzela of TurboJET

The Bold class Fast Patrol Boats Bold Pioneer and Bold Pathfinder built in 1953 were the first ships created specifically for gas turbine propulsion.

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Maritime warfare branch of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, tasked with the naval defense of Japan.

The emblem of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
The naval battle of Dan-no-Ura in 1185
A 16th-century Japanese atakebune coastal warship
The British-built was the flagship of the Imperial Japanese Navy until 1881.
, the first purpose-designed aircraft carrier in the world (1922)
was a potent symbol of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
Japan's exclusive economic zones:
A RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 launched from, an Aegis destroyer
The diesel-electric submarine Hakuryū
, an being refitted to carry F-35B stealth fighters
Arabian Sea on November 22, 2006 - The Japanese fast combat support ship JS Mashu (left) conducts a replenishment at sea (RAS) with the guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio (CG-68)
USS George Washington (CVN-73) participating in a photo exercise with other U.S. Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ships at the culmination of ANNUALEX 2008
A US-2 amphibious aircraft
An AW101 minesweeping helicopter
JMSDF Fleet Headquarters, Yokosuka.
JS Tokiwa (left) and JS Ōnami (right) at the Port of Shimizu
JS Kirishima returning from RIMPAC '98
The Aegis destroyer JS Maya.
SH-60J in Okadama Air Base
Kure District Headquarters
JMSDF District Forces
Members of the crew of JS Kongō
Officer Candidate School

, the JMSDF operates a total of 124 ships (excluding minor auxiliary vessels), including: two multi-purpose operation destroyers (de facto aircraft carriers), two helicopter carriers (called helicopter destroyers), 26 destroyers, 10 small destroyers (or frigates), six destroyer escorts (or corvettes), 18 attack submarines, 29 mine countermeasure vessels, six patrol vessels, three landing ship tanks, eight training vessels and a fleet of various auxiliary ships.

Royal Thai Navy

Naval warfare force of Thailand.

Emblem of the Royal Thai Navy
Chulachomklao Fort firing on French ships
The Siamese Expeditionary Force, Paris, 1919
HTMS Thonburi, 1938
HTMS Matchanu and HTMS Wirun, Kobe Port, 1938
HTMS Sri Ayudhya
Royal Thai Navy HQ at Phra Racha Wang Derm in Thonburi
King Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII) and Prince Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) on the HTMS Maeklong in 1939.
Thai offshore patrol vessel HTMS Krabi
Royal Thai Marine Corps conduct amphibious assault training
Royal Thai Navy SEALs
Royal Thai Navy Fokker27-MK 400
Royal Thai Navy Sikorksy S-76B
Thai Navy SH-70B Seahawk
Royal Thai Navy riverine sailors
Golden Triangle, Chiang Saen
Nakhon Nayok River
Royal Thai Naval Academy (1906–1952) at Phra Racha Wang Derm.
A Royal Thai medical nurse
A military music band of the Royal Thai Navy.
Naval military police
Bangkok Dock Company dockyard
Royal Barge Narai Song Suban HM Rama IX of Thailand.
Royal Barge Narai Song Suban HM Rama IX of Thailand. Dress rehearsal on 29 October 2007 for 5 November 2007 Royal Barge Procession for Royal Kathin Ceremony at Wat Arun.

HTMS Sarasin-class: Fisheries boat; displacement 50 tons; three ships in this class