Paul Weigel

Paul Weigel (18 February 1867 – 25 May 1951) was a German-American actor.wikipedia
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Each Pearl a Tear

Each Pearl a Tear (1916)
The film stars Fannie Ward, Charles Clary, Jack Dean, Paul Weigel, Jane Wolfe and Ben Alexander.

The Bond Between

The Bond Between (1917)
The film stars George Beban, John Burton, Nigel De Brulier, Paul Weigel, Colin Chase and Eugene Pallette.

The Winning of Sally Temple

The Winning of Sally Temple (1917)
The film stars Fannie Ward, Jack Dean, Walter Long, Horace B. Carpenter, William Elmer and Paul Weigel.

The Intrigue

The Intrigue (1916)
Paul Weigel - Attache to the Baron

Witchcraft (1916 film)

WitchcraftWitchcraft'' (1916 film)
Witchcraft (1916)
The film stars Fannie Ward, Jack Dean, Paul Weigel and Lillian Leighton.

The Claim (1918 film)

The ClaimThe Claim'' (1918 film)
The Claim (1918)
Paul Weigel as Mike Bryan

The Only Road (film)

The Only RoadThe Only Road'' (film)
The Only Road (1918)
Paul Weigel as Manuel Lopez

For Heaven's Sake (1926 film)

For Heaven's SakeFor Heaven's Sake'' (1926 film)
For Heaven's Sake (1926)
When he accidentally sets fire to a charity pushcart dispensing free coffee and owned by do-gooder Brother Paul (Paul Weigel), he pulls out his checkbook to cover the damage.

The Siren's Song (1919 film)

The Siren's SongThe Siren's Song'' (film)
The Siren's Song (1919)
Paul Weigel - Hector Remey

Happiness a la Mode

Happiness a la Mode (1919)
Paul Weigel as Attorney Logan

Mademoiselle Midnight

Mademoiselle Midnight (1924)
Paul Weigel - Napoleon III (Prologue)

Each to His Kind

Each to His Kind (1917)
Paul Weigel as Asa Judd

Soft Shoes

The Parisian Tigress

The Parisian Tigress (1919)
Paul Weigel as The elder Count de Suchet

Luck in Pawn

Evangeline (1919 film)

Evangelinea film based on the poemEvangeline'' (1919 film)
Evangeline (1919)
Paul Weigel as Father Felician

Bluebeard's 8th Wife

1923 silent version
Bluebeard's 8th Wife (1923)
Paul Weigel as Marquis DeBriac

Honor Among Men

Honor Among Men (1924)
Paul Weigel as Baron Barrat

The Breath of the Gods

The Breath of the Gods (1920)
Paul Weigel as Count Ronsard

The Tiger's Shadow

The Tiger's Shadow (1928)
Paul Weigel as Martin Meeker

Boys Will Be Joys

Boys Will Be Joys (1925)
Paul Weigel as Henry Mills, board chairman