The historic town hall of Münster where the treaty was signed
The Treaty of Versailles, signed at the conclusion of World War I
Dutch envoy Adriaan Pauw enters Münster around 1646 for the peace negotiations
The "Peace Memorial" about the Treaty of Nöteborg at the Orekhovy Island
Sebastian Dadler undated medal (1648), Christina of Sweden, portrait with feathered helmet right. Obverse
Tablet of one of the earliest recorded treaties in history, Treaty of Kadesh, at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum
The reverse of this medal: Christina of Sweden as Minerva holding an olive branch in her left arm and grasping the tree of knowledge with her right hand.
Peace-treaty of Zadar (1358), which ended the war between the Croato-Hungarian Kingdom and the Republic of Venice, forcing the latter to withdraw from Croatian coast
A map showing European borders in 1648
The Holy Roman Empire in 1648
Allegory of the Peace of Westphalia, by Jacob Jordaens.

The Peace of Westphalia (Westfälischer Friede, ) is the collective name for two peace treaties signed in October 1648 in the Westphalian cities of Osnabrück and Münster.

- Peace of Westphalia

Another famous example would be the series of peace treaties known as the Peace of Westphalia.

- Peace treaty
The historic town hall of Münster where the treaty was signed

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