Emblem of the People's Liberation Army Navy
Emblem of the Republic of China Navy
A gunboat in used in the Battle of Toumenshan
Admiral Liu Chih-pin, the current Commanding-General.
Haifa base commander Brig. Gen. Eli Sharvit welcomes RADM Yang Jun-Fei to Israel in 2012
ROCN delegation in Washington D.C., 1930
PLAN Captain Wang, commanding officer of the destroyer Jinan greets USN Captain Lyle Hall during a goodwill port visit in 2015
President of Republic of China (Taiwan) Tsai Ing-wen reviews a Marine Corps battalion in 2020
A Type 052C destroyer, Changchun, in Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia in 2017
LPD-1401 Yushan
Major naval units in the PLA military regions in 2006
SuAo Bay Panorama
Sailors from the U.S. Navy talk with Chinese Navy sailors from the destroyer Xi'an after the Rim of the Pacific 2016 (RIMPAC 2016) exercise
ROCN Xinbin Camp with 205
PLAN Marines of the 1st Marine Brigade and members of the USMC fire the Type 95 Assault Rifle during an exchange exercise in 2006.
Anchor in Entrance Road of Zhongzheng Naval Base
A PLAN marine with a boarding team assigned to the guided missile destroyer Haikou during a maritime operations exercise in RIMPAC 2014.
Hsiung Feng II and Hsiung Feng III launchers of Tian Dan (PFG2-1110)
China's critical sea lines of communication. In 2004, over 80 percent of Chinese crude oil imports transited the Straits of Malacca, with less than 2 percent transiting the Straits of Lombok.
Sea Oryx missile launcher display at MND Hall
Frigate "Weifang" (China)
Covered ROCN Hsiung Feng II & Hsiung Feng III anti-ship missile launchers truck displayed at Zuoying Naval Base
Frigate "Linyi" (China)
ROCN Hughes 500 "6910" carried on Lan Yang (FFG-935) helicopter deck from rear right view
Maritime claims in the South China Sea
ROCN S-70C(M) "2307" flying over Zuoying Naval Base in the morning
Dongguan aground on the Half Moon Shoal, 22 July 2011
Mark 32 torpedo tubes mounted on ROCN Tzu I (PFG-1107)
PLANS Xiamen (DDG-154) 20180420
No.1 Wan Xiang CAPTOR mine displayed aboard ROCN Ho Zhong (LCU-484)
Geographic boundaries of the First and Second Island Chains
No.2 Wan Xiang Bottom mine displayed aboard ROCN Ho Zhong (LCU-484)
Sea Chaparral launcher mounted on ROCN Si Ning (PFG-1203)
T-75S 20mm Cannon mounted on ROCS FACG-77
Phalanx CIWS and Bofors 40 mm L/70 gun aboard on ROCN Di Hua (PFG-1206)
M96 motorboat
The President of Taiwan aboard the Pan Shi
OTO Melara 76mm Gun aboard the frigate ROCN Si Ning (PFG-1203)
ROCN Hsiung Feng II & Hsiung Feng III anti-ship missile launchers truck
ROCN S-70C(M) "2312"
Visitors in front of ROCN Kao Hsiung (LCC-1)

While still sometimes used especially in domestic circles, it is now not as often used internationally due to the current ambiguous political status of Taiwan and to avoid confusion with the People's Liberation Army Navy of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

- Republic of China Navy

The PLAN traces its lineage to units of the Republic of China Navy (ROCN) who defected to the People's Liberation Army towards the end of the Chinese Civil War.

- People's Liberation Army Navy
Emblem of the People's Liberation Army Navy

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