Emblem of the People's Liberation Army Navy
A gunboat in used in the Battle of Toumenshan
Memorial to the victims of the Zhong'anlun Yangtze ferry disaster (October 15, 1945) in Taixing
Haifa base commander Brig. Gen. Eli Sharvit welcomes RADM Yang Jun-Fei to Israel in 2012
PLAN Captain Wang, commanding officer of the destroyer Jinan greets USN Captain Lyle Hall during a goodwill port visit in 2015
A Type 052C destroyer, Changchun, in Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia in 2017
Major naval units in the PLA military regions in 2006
Sailors from the U.S. Navy talk with Chinese Navy sailors from the destroyer Xi'an after the Rim of the Pacific 2016 (RIMPAC 2016) exercise
PLAN Marines of the 1st Marine Brigade and members of the USMC fire the Type 95 Assault Rifle during an exchange exercise in 2006.
A PLAN marine with a boarding team assigned to the guided missile destroyer Haikou during a maritime operations exercise in RIMPAC 2014.
China's critical sea lines of communication. In 2004, over 80 percent of Chinese crude oil imports transited the Straits of Malacca, with less than 2 percent transiting the Straits of Lombok.
Frigate "Weifang" (China)
Frigate "Linyi" (China)
Maritime claims in the South China Sea
Dongguan aground on the Half Moon Shoal, 22 July 2011
PLANS Xiamen (DDG-154) 20180420
Geographic boundaries of the First and Second Island Chains

The navy was established on 23 April 1949 by consolidating regional naval forces under Joint Staff Department command in Jiangyan (now in Taizhou, Jiangsu).

- People's Liberation Army Navy

The PLA Navy was established in Baimamiao, Tai county on 23 April 1949.

- Taizhou, Jiangsu
Emblem of the People's Liberation Army Navy

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Jiangyan District

Historical neighborhood in Jianyan
Street in pedestrian zone of downtown Jiangyan
Dragon Boat Racing in Qintong Boat Festival

Jiangyan District is one of three urban districts of the city of Taizhou, Jiangsu province, having been, until December 2012, a county-level city.

The Baima Temple (白马庙, meaning white horse temple) in Jiangyan (now in Taizhou) is the birthplace of the Navy of the People's Liberation Army.