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American Political Science Association

Professional association of political science students and scholars in the United States.

American Political Science Association headquarters located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

Founded in 1903 in the Tilton Memorial Library (now Tilton Hall) of Tulane University in New Orleans, it publishes four academic journals: American Political Science Review, Perspectives on Politics, Journal of Political Science Education, and PS: Political Science & Politics.

Bibliography of Hillary Clinton

List of books and scholarly articles by and about Hillary Clinton, as well as columns by her.

Clinton in 2016

Jones, Jennifer J. "Talk 'Like a Man': The Linguistic Styles of Hillary Clinton, 1992–2013". Perspectives on Politics, 14(3) (2016), 625–642.

List of political science journals

List of political science journals presenting representative academic journals in the field of political science.

There are different types of peer-reviewed research journals; these specific publications are about food science

Perspectives on Politics

Douglas Ollivant

Senior National Security Studies Fellow at the New America Foundation as well as a Managing Partner at Mantid International.

Ollivant in 2020

In 2008 a review symposium on the FM 3-24 Counterinsurgency Manual sponsored by Perspectives on Politics, Ollivant called for an expansion of irregular warfare doctrine and warned of a potential over reliance on counterinsurgency frameworks in the future.

Marc Lynch

Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University, where he is also director of both the Institute for Middle East Studies and the Middle East Studies Program.

2011: "After Egypt: The Limits and Promise of the Online Challenges to the Authoritarian Arab State". Perspectives on Politics 9, no.2, pp.301-310.

Jennifer L. Lawless

Jennifer L. Lawless (born March 12, 1975) serves as the Commonwealth Professor of Politics of the University of Virginia and a faculty affiliate of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, in addition to being a Non-Resident Senior Fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution.

Jennifer Lawless speaks at a 2015 book event.

Her research regarding female candidates and election results is published in a number of political science journals, including American Journal of Political Science, Perspectives on Politics, Political Research Quarterly, Legislative Studies Quarterly, The Journal of Politics, Politics & Gender, and Women & Politics.

Ryan Maness

American cybersecurity expert and an assistant professor at the Defense Analysis Department of Naval Postgraduate School.

David W. Rivera, reviewing the book for Perspectives on Politics, judged that it had its moments of brilliance as well as weaknesses.

The Shifting Grounds of Race

Nonfiction book by Scott Kurashige, published in 2008 by Princeton University Press.

Cover of the first edition

Sears, David O. (University of California, Los Angeles). "The Shifting Grounds of Race: Black and Japanese Americans in the Making of Multiethnic Los Angeles." Perspectives on Politics, 03/2010

Vincent Phillip Muñoz

American political scientist.

Chronology of the universe as deduced by the prevailing Big Bang theory, a result from science and obtained knowledge

In Perspectives on Politics, Professor Isaac Kramnick of Cornell University, called it a "very important book", although he regretted Muñoz's decision to look at only three founders, concluding that other founders could illuminate modern-day jurists further.

Warner R. Schilling

American political scientist and international relations scholar at Columbia University (1954–1957, 1958–1996, emeritus 1997–2013), where he was the James T. Shotwell Professor of International Relations.

Schilling in his office in 1995
Schilling (second from right) at a 1969 conference for the United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency; his wife Jane P. M. Schilling was also present (far left)
Schilling with students during a 1969 conference at the United States Military Academy at West Point
Schilling as director of the Institute of War and Peace Studies in 1985
Schilling talking to students after one of his "Weapons, Strategy, and War" classes in 2008
Virtual book talk for Super Bomb at Columbia University's Arnold A. Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies, 2020

A review in Foreign Affairs characterized the result as "a compelling book" that presented "a fresh look at the defeat" of those opposing the weapon, a review for the Association of College and Research Libraries found value in the "illuminating contemporaneous interviews" that Schilling had conducted, and a review in Perspectives on Politics pointed to the "sixty years of gestation" back story behind the book as "highlight[ing] why it constitutes a unique contribution to the historical literature and to our understanding of bureaucratic politics".