Phoebe Earle

Phoebe Dighton, Still Life
Phoebe Dighton, Shakespeare's Birthplace
Phoebe Dighton, Inside Shakespeare's Birthplace

Painter working in England who was appointed Flower Painter in Ordinary to Queen Adelaide.

- Phoebe Earle

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Augustus Earle

British painter.

Augustus Earle, (Self Portrait) Solitude, watching the horizon at sun set, in the hopes of seeing a vessel, Tristan de Acunha (i.e. da Cunha) in the South Atlantic, (1824): watercolour; 17.5 x 25.7 cm. National Library of Australia
Augustus Earle, Punishing negroes at Cathabouco, (i.e. Calabouco) Rio de Janeiro, (1822): watercolour; 23.6 x 26.3 cm. National Library of Australia
Augustus Earle, Portrait of Bungaree, a native of New South Wales, with Fort Macquarie, Sydney Harbour, in background, (1826): oil on canvas; 68.5 x 50.5 cm. National Library of Australia

The elder of his two sisters was Phoebe Earle (1790–1863), also a professional painter and wife of the artist Denis Dighton, while his older half-sister was Elizabeth Anne Smyth (1787–1838) and his older half-brother was the scientist Admiral William Henry Smyth (1788–1865).

William Henry Smyth

Royal Navy officer, hydrographer, astronomer and numismatist.

Smyth, as depicted in his The Sailor's Word-Book
The Great Comet of 1811, as drawn by William Henry Smyth
William Henry Smyth in 1855

Never having known his father, he grew up with a half-brother Augustus Earle and a half-sister Phoebe Earle.

Flower Painter in Ordinary

Position in the United Kingdom awarded to a painter, and connected to the Queen.

Phoebe Earle, (wife of Denis Dighton and sister of Augustus Earle), was "Fruit and Flower Painter to the Queen" to Queen Adelaide

Denis Dighton

English painter, best known for his military portraits and battle scenes.

The Fall of Nelson, Battle of Trafalgar
The Charge of the Second Brigade of Cavalry, Battle of Waterloo

He married a sister of Augustus Earle, Phoebe Earle, herself a working artist and exhibitor at the Royal Academy who became Flower Painter in Ordinary to Queen Adelaide, in 1812 and they had two sons.

John Carteret Pilkington

Irish singer and writer who left lively memoirs of his early life and collaborated on the memoirs of his mother Laetitia Pilkington.

Title page of 1760 Memoirs

With Smyth, she had the scientist Admiral William Henry Smyth, and with Earl she had two artists, Phoebe Earle, who married fellow-painter Denis Dighton, and Augustus Earle.