AGFA photographic plates, 1880
Basic view camera terminology
Mimosa Panchroma-Studio-Antihalo Panchromatic glass plates, 9 x 12cm, Mimosa A.-G. Dresden
A Sanderson 'Hand' camera dating from circa 1899
Negative plate
Front standard shift
Image resulting from a glass plate negative showing Devil's Cascade in 1900.
Front standard tilt
Front standard swing (top view)
Viewing through a Sinar F camera

A view camera nicknamed "The Mammoth" weighing 1400 lb was built by George R. Lawrence in 1899, specifically to photograph "The Alton Limited" train owned by the Chicago & Alton Railway.

- Photographic plate

At the other end of the bellows, the rear standard is a frame that holds a ground glass plate, used for focusing and composing the image before exposure—and is replaced by a holder containing the light-sensitive film, plate, or image sensor for exposure.

- View camera
AGFA photographic plates, 1880

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