Distribution of pre-Hispanic people of Chile
The Battle of Rancagua during the Chilean War of Independence, by Pedro Subercaseaux.
Rancagua train station.
People of Rancagua in the Stations of the Cross ceremony.
The Estadio El Teniente hosted the 2015 Copa América.
Los Heroes Square
Bernardo O'Higgins Monument
Rancagua cathedral at night
Paseo Independencia, Rancagua
O'Higgins Region former Intendencia
Cachapoal province government's building (currently the Regional Presidential Delegation)
Medialuna de Rancagua

The Picunche (a Mapudungun word meaning "North People"), also referred to as picones by the Spanish, were a Mapudungun-speaking people living to the north of the Mapuches or Araucanians (a name given to those Mapuche living between the Itata and Toltén rivers) and south of the Choapa River and the Diaguitas.

- Picunche

The Rancagua Valley was occupied by the local Picunche.

- Rancagua
Distribution of pre-Hispanic people of Chile

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