Pinnacle of Bedlam

Cover art by Raymond Swanland

Seventh studio album by American death metal band Suffocation.

- Pinnacle of Bedlam

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Suffocation (band)

American death metal band formed in 1988 in Centereach, New York, consisting of lead guitarist Terrance Hobbs, bassist Derek Boyer, rhythm guitarist Charlie Errigo, drummer Eric Morotti, and vocalist Ricky Myers.

Suffocation in 2017
Frank Mullen (left) and Guy Marchais (right) in 2014
Derek Boyer in 2017
Terrance Hobbs in 2017
Charlie Errigo in 2017
Eric Morotti in 2017

In 2012, the band was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame and released Pinnacle of Bedlam in February 2013.

Pierced from Within

Third album by the death metal band Suffocation.

Before 2013's Pinnacle of Bedlam, this was the only full-length album by Suffocation not to feature Mike Smith as a drummer.

Breeding the Spawn

Second full-length album by Suffocation.

Most likely to make up for the relatively poor production on the album, tracks from Breeding the Spawn were re-recorded for inclusion on five Suffocation albums to date: "Breeding the Spawn" on Pierced from Within; "Prelude to Repulsion" and "Anomalistic Offerings" on Suffocation (the latter found on the Japanese version of the album); "Marital Decimation" on Blood Oath; "Beginning of Sorrow" on Pinnacle of Bedlam and "Epitaph of the Credulous" on ...Of the Dark Light.

Frank Mullen

Former vocalist of the American technical death metal band Suffocation.

Mullen at the 2014 Free & Easy Festival.
Terrance Hobbs, Derek Boyer, and Mullen in 2010
Mullen and Guy Marchais in 2014

After the release of the 2013 album Pinnacle of Bedlam, Mullen announced that he will retire from full-time touring from the band.

Dave Culross

American drummer.

Suffocation, Pinnacle of Bedlam (2013) Nuclear Blast Records