Prince Edward Road East in San Po Kong
While heavy road traffic on the surface, train tunnel is building underneath at Causeway Bay section
Prince Edward Road West and Prince Edward Road East
Expansion of City One platform with new platform gates, allowing 8-coach trains to stop
Prince Edward Road West is often congested
All existing SP1900 EMU trains were transferred to and now operated on the East West Corridor
Kai Tak Airport was next to Prince Edward Road
The R-train will operate on the North South Corridor
The TML C-train will operate on the East West Corridor
The route of the Sha Tin to Central Link, per the 2008 revised proposal

An underground train depot would have been built beneath the passenger terminal of the former Kai Tak International Airport, adjacent to Prince Edward Road East in Kowloon City; however, under the Kai Tak redevelopment plan released by the government in October 2006, the depot would have to be constructed somewhere else.

- Sha Tin to Central Link

Prince Edward Road East was once misspelled as "Princess Edward Road East" by MTR Corporation in the map describing Sha Tin to Central Link (from Diamond Hill station to Kai Tak).

- Prince Edward Road

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