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Rahul Banerjee (actor)

Rahul BanerjeeRahulRahul Arunodoy Banerjee
She was married to actor Rahul Banerjee.
He was married to co-actress Priyanka Sarkar.

Chirodini Tumi Je Amar

Her first successful film was Chirodini Tumi Je Amar (2008) directed by Raj Chakraborty.
Krishna (Rahul Banerjee) is a diligent scooter mechanic in Siliguri and life goes on smoothly for him until the rich schoolgirl Pallavi (Priyanka Sarkar) sets her eyes on him.

Raj Chakraborty

Raj ChakrabartyRaj Chakraborty ProductionRaj Chakraborty Productions
Her first successful film was Chirodini Tumi Je Amar (2008) directed by Raj Chakraborty.

Prosenjit Chatterjee

PrasenjitPrasenjit ChatterjeeProsenjit
Produced by Shree Venkatesh Films and directed by Birsa Dasgupta, the show starred Paoli Dam, Tanushree Chakraborty and Priyanka Sarkar in other pivotal roles and was based on the life of a superstar of 60's era — a life fraught with career highs and personal turbulences.

Abby Sen

Abby Sen (Bengali : "Sci-fi, Comedy, drama") directed by Atanu Ghosh and produced by Firdausul Hassan and Probal Halder, features Abir Chatterjee, Raima Sen, Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Bratya Basu, and Priyanka Sarkar in lead roles, with Neel Mukherjee, Biswanath Basu, and Bhaswar Chatterjee in supporting roles.

Amar Aponjon

The film stars Soham Chakraborty with Priyanka Sarkar as his school-day crush, Aindrita Ray as his college-life lover and Subhashree Ganguly as his emotional anchor in professional life.


ChampChaamp'' soundtrackChamp'' (2017 film)
Produced by Dev, the film stars him in the lead role, along with Rukmini Maitra, in her debut film and Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Priyanka Sarkar, Kamaleswar Mukherjee who stars in other pivotal roles.

Byomkesh Bakshi (2015 film)

Byomkesh BakshiByomkesh Bakshi'' (2015 film)
Priyanka Sarkar as Indira (Guest Appearance)

Sultan: The Saviour

The film features Jeet, Bidya Sinha Mim and Priyanka Sarkar in the leading roles.

Cockpit (2017 film)

CockpitCockpit'' (2017 film)
Priyanka Sarkar as Afreen Hamidi

Kabir (film)

KabirKabir : Peace Has A PriceKabir'' (film)
starring = {{ubl|Dev|Rukmini Maitra|Priyanka Sarkar}} Janel Tanchangya}

Chhaya O Chhobi

The film features Abir Chatterjee, Koel Mallick, Ritwick Chakraborty, Churni Ganguly and Priyanka Sarkar.