A report on Pustý hradZvolen Castle and Zvolen

Enter gate of Upper Pustý castle.
Zvolen castle
Aerial view of the Pustý castle.
Zvolen Castle was strongly inspired by Italian castles of the fourteenth century
Zvolen Castle
Courtyard near to enter gate
Armored train Hurban
Aerial view
City centre of Zvolen
Lower castle (Dolný hrad)
Donč's Castle (Dončov hrad)
Zvolen in 1596
Slatina river in Zvolen

Pustý hrad (Pusztavár) is a castle whose ruins are located on a forested hill in the southern part of Zvolen in central Slovakia.

- Pustý hrad

Zvolen Castle (Zvolenský zámok or incorrectly Zvolenský hrad, zólyomi vár) is a medieval castle located on a hill near the center of Zvolen, in central Slovakia.

- Zvolen Castle

The original seat of the region was above the confluence of Slatina and Hron rivers on a steep cliff in a castle from the 12th century, known today as Pustý hrad (meaning "Deserted castle").

- Zvolen Castle

The original name was Zvolen Castle or Old Zvolen (Zólyom); Pustý hrad (meaning "deserted castle") is a much later name used to distinguish the ruin from the present-day Zvolen Castle.

- Pustý hrad

In the 11th and 12th centuries, one of the largest medieval castles in Europe, Pustý hrad, was constructed.

- Zvolen

Later, King Louis I the Great built a new castle, which became a popular hunting resort of the Hungarian kings.

- Zvolen
Enter gate of Upper Pustý castle.

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