A report on Shaanxi and Qinqiang

Shaanxi People's Government
Map showing location of Shaanxi province in China
Shaanxi cuisine
Terracotta Army
Education Department of Shaanxi Province
Shaanxi Science and Technology Museum
Temple of the Chenghuangshen (City God) of Weinan.
Guangren Temple of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in Xi'an.
Road to the stupa of the Famen Temple (Chinese Buddhist).
Temple of Xuanyuan in Huangling, Yan'an.

Qinqiang (秦腔, pinyin: Qín qiāng, literally "Qin's tune" ) is a genre of folk Chinese opera originated in Shaanxi Province of Qing China in 1807 and soon took over other genres to be the representative genre of the province.

- Qinqiang

Qinqiang, the representative folk opera of Shaanxi

- Shaanxi

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