The Bombardier Talent articulated regional railcar
The Regio-Shuttle RS1 low-floor vehicle is a modern version of a single unit railcar. Several of these can run together; articulated versions are also available.
The RegioSpider modern railcar.
A two-car Hunter railcar in New South Wales, Australia
A Russian gauge Latvian RVR-made railbus AR2-002 in Vilnius, Lithuania, still Soviet design
A ČSD Class M 152.0 in Leipzig
LNER Sentinel-Cammell steam railcar
Stadler GTW light regional electric multiple unit railcar in Beinwil am See
A diesel Alstom LINT of the Taunusbahn in Langenhahn station
An Emepa Alerce on the Belgrano Norte line in Buenos Aires
Two IE 29000 Class Suburban DMU's stand at Connolly Station
Petrol railbus at the Eastern Södermanlands Railway, ÖSlJ, a narrow-gauge museum railway in typical time 1890-1910-century environment in Sweden
Steam railcar for the narrow gauge Niederösterreich­ische Landesbahnen (DE), built by Komarek of Vienna in 1903
An early petrol-engined rail omnibus on the New York Central railroad
Weitzer petrol electric railcar, 1903, French & German components, Austrian producer in Hungarian, now Romanian Arad
McKeen railmotor, 1904, futuristic design, early international success, unsolvable gear problems
Narrow gauge railcar in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in 1967
Standard railcar RM 31 in the yard at Pahiatua station of the Wairarapa Line, New Zealand
White Motor Company railcar in the collection of the Railtown 1897 State Historic Park. Jamestown, California
GWR diesel railcar, collection of the Great Western Society at Didcot, Oxfordshire
ČSD Class M 131.1
Uerdingen railbus in Germany
Two axle British Rail Railbus in York, England
An Argentine TecnoTren railbus
Battery electric MetroTrolley for rail use (for ultrasonic rail flaw detection)
In its simplest form, an American speeder - with motor unit detachable by hand
With some weather protection, including mountable canvas side curtains

Self-propelled railway vehicle designed to transport passengers.

- Railcar

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Motor coach (rail)

A 2100 kW motor coach of SOB at the head of a train in Wädenswil 2003
Two motor coaches of RhB in MU pulling the maximum allowed load of 140 t on the Bernina line
An old Bodensee-Toggenburg (Switzerland) motor coach pulling four coaches: not an EMU and not a railcar
Electric motor coach of CEV (Switzerland) with driving trailer
Metre-gauge electric twin motor coach ABDe 8/8 4004 of the MOB in Switzerland pulling two coaches and two cement wagons
A Czech diesel motor coach with a driving trailer
ARB BCFhe 2/3 6 in Switzerland, oldest operational rack railcar of the world, built in 1911
Soviet railcar AS1A at Museum of the Moscow Railway (Moscow Rizhsky station)
Czech railbus (now nicknamed Regiomouse)
Rack railcars of Gornergratbahn in Zermatt, Switzerland
Rack electric multiple units of Gornergratbahn in Zermatt, Switzerland: Two-car-units can work in MU
Two rack GTW of the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya working in MU on the Montserrat line
ZSSK Class 405.95 on the Štrba to Štrbské Pleso rack railway, Štrbské Pleso
Two EM class EMUs in New Zealand
Bilevel EMUs in Chicago
An MU of Silverliners of Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
Sankt Petersburg Metro EMUs

A motor coach (international usage) or motorcar (US usage) is a self-propelled passenger vehicle also capable of hauling a train.

NZR RM class (88 seater)

88-seater railcar RM 114 at Kaikoura Railway Station during the 1960s.
Blue Streak 88-seater RM 125 at Palmerston North railway station in 1974.
One half of RM 121 in the Railcar Storage Shed at Pahiatua Railway Station.
RM 121 being restored by the RM 133 Trust Board.
Damaged NZR RM 133 88-seater modules at Pahiatua for the RM 133 Trust.

The NZR RM class 88-seaters were a class of railcar used in New Zealand.


2-2-0 steam railmotor Enfield built by William Adams for the Eastern Counties Railway in 1849. Note the raised buffers for use with other rolling stock.
A poster for a London Brighton and South Coast Railway railmotor service
0-2-2 Taff Vale railmotor, c.1912
Great North of Scotland Railway steam railmotor (Railway Magazine, 100, October 1905)
LNER Sentinel-Cammell steam railcar
South Australian Railways "Steam Motor Coach" no. 1, soon nicknamed "The Coffee Pot", pictured in 1906. Restored in 1984, it is operated at the Pichi Richi Railway, Quorn, South Australia

Railmotor is a term used in the United Kingdom and elsewhere for a railway lightweight railcar, usually consisting of a railway carriage with a steam traction unit, or a diesel or petrol engine, integrated into it.

Doodlebug (rail car)

East Broad Top No. M1, a narrow gauge gas-electric doodlebug that was constructed by EBT from a Brill manufactured kit
ATSF doodlebug M119, Isleta, New Mexico. 1943
Rio Grande Southern Galloping Goose No. 2

Doodlebug or hoodlebug is a nickname in the United States for a type of self-propelled railcar most commonly configured to carry both passengers and freight, often dedicated baggage, mail or express, as in a combine.

Sentinel Waggon Works

British company based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire that made steam-powered lorries, railway locomotives, and later, diesel engined lorries, buses and locomotives.

Preserved 1931-built Sentinel DG4.
A Sentinel Steam Bus
1924 Super Sentinel FA1803
Sentinel DG8, Beamish Steam Fair.
LNER Sentinel-Cammell steam railcar
Sentinel locomotive on the Buenos Aires Midland Railway in Argentina (1932).
Rolls-Royce Sentinel Cattewater, now at the East Somerset Railway
An 0-6-0 outside crank Sentinel Derwent at Lafarge Hope Cement Works in 2008.
Preserved 1934-built S4 dropside in steam
Sentinel chain-drive shunter of 1957
1951-built articulated Sentinel-Cammell steam railcar, no. 5208, at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

The company also produced steam railway locomotives and railcars, for railway companies and industrial customers.

Railroad car

Vehicle used for the carrying of cargo or passengers on a rail transport system (a railroad/railway).

A passenger car from Taiwan Railway
A freight car (boxcar type) for the South Australian Railways, 1926
Typical American extended vision caboose
Armored train Hurban located in Zvolen, Slovakia
Soviet RT-23 Molodets ICBM launch train, in the St Petersburg museum
A Metropolitan line S8 Stock at Amersham in London.
An interior of a S7 Stock in London.
British Rail Mark 3 coach, an all-steel car from the 1970s
Inside a modern-day car from Finland
A British Rail Class 150 in the United Kingdom.
American style two-bay hopper cars of the Reading Railroad
U.S. type Railbox boxcar
A spine car with a 20 ft tanktainer and an open-top 20 ft container with canvas cover
North American container train services often employ double-stacked container cars, as here in Rochelle, Illinois.
John Deere Combine harvesters being transported by railway in Tyrone, Pennsylvania.

Alternatively, some passenger cars are self-propelled in which case they may be either single railcars or make up multiple units.

Multiple unit

Self-propelled train composed of one or more carriages joined together, which when coupled to another multiple unit can be controlled by a single driver, with multiple-unit train control.

A Deutsche Bahn ICE 3 EMU capable of up to 320 km/h in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
The Transwa Prospector DEMU capable of up to 200 km/h provides a passenger service between Perth and the mining town of Kalgoorlie in Australia.
South Side Elevated Railroad car #1, one of the cars that Frank Sprague converted to MU operation in Chicago
Metrorail 10M5 approaching Simon's Town station, Cape Town
A China Railway High-speed EMU
A N700 Series Shinkansen set in June 2008
Elektrichka on Yaroslavskiy Rail Terminal, Moscow
The RABe 523 is the most common multiple units on Switzerland, used by almost every S-Bahn.
Southern Class 377/2 377207 at with a train from to
A double decker Sydney Trains B set
Indian Railways class Electric Multiple Unit
Indian Railways class Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
New Jersey transit Stadler GTW DMU used on the River Line

Although multiple units consist of several carriages, single self-propelled carriages – also called railcars, rail motor coaches or railbuses – are in fact multiple-units when two or more of them are working connected through multiple-unit train control (regardless if passengers can walk between the units or not).

Diesel multiple unit

Multiple-unit train powered by on-board diesel engines.

An JNR Class KiHa40 in use for Erimo Express service, Hokkaido, Japan
An IE 29000 Class diesel multiple unit on a western commuter service at Dublin Connolly Rail station, Ireland
One of the underfloor diesel engines with hydraulic transmission under a car of JR Shikoku 2700 series DMU
"Power Pack" car of Stadler FLIRT DMU with open bay of a diesel-generator. The Jacobs bogies under this car do not have their own traction motors, which are mounted on bogies under other cars.
DMU 7023 at Zagreb Central Station
ČD Class 810
ČD Class 814
Iarnród Éireann DMU 2751 at Limerick Colbert station, 2006
Romanian Class 77 Malaxa DMU in Câmpulung Moldovenesc in 2006
ZSSK Class 813
East Midlands Trains Class 222 at London St Pancras
Central Trains Class 170 at Peterborough station
Northern Ireland Railways C3K at Yorkgate station
Two Bombardier Talent low-floor DMUs on the O-Train Trillium Line in Ottawa, Canada
Apollo 2400 DMU in service in Costa Rica
Budd Rail Diesel Car RDC-1 #407 of the Cape May Seashore Lines, New Jersey
Stadler FLIRT owned by TEXRail in Texas
Siemens Desiro serving Sprinter in San Diego County, California
A V/Line VLocity operating in Victoria, AustraliaFVB DSU.jpg
A DEMU train (right) at Kamalapur railway station, Dhaka
Indian Railways class DMU
Indian Railways class Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU)
Indian Railways class DEMU
KRDI (Indonesian-built). KRDI Inka produced at Madiun. Sri Lelawangsa DMU, Medan.
KRDI Solo Express, Surakarta
JR Hokkaido KiHa 283 tilting DMU on Hakodate Main Line
Korail DHC-PP with new CI colour
Type of diesel Greek-German train
A British Rail Class 185 diesel hydraulic multiple unit operated by TransPennine Express at Manchester Piccadilly station, United Kingdom

Diesel-powered single-unit railcars are also generally classed as DMUs.

Electric multiple unit

Multiple-unit train consisting of self-propelled carriages using electricity as the motive power.

Liverpool Overhead Railway EMU carriage in the Museum of Liverpool
The prototype unit of JNR 201 series on public display at Harajuku Station in Tokyo, 13 May 1979. Next to it, a Yamanote Line's 103 series train can be seen passing through
DART 8500 class commuter EMU at Howth Junction railway station, Ireland.
A high-speed EMU CR400BF-G capable of up to 494 km/h operated by China Railway High-speed at Beijing Chaoyang railway station
A CityElefant train about to arrive Ostrava hlavní nádraží, Czech Republic
An A-City 4000 class EMU in Adelaide, Australia
Metro-North Railroad M8 married pairs in Port Chester, New York
A First ScotRail Class 380 EMU at Haymarket in Edinburgh, Scotland
EMU train in India.
A New Generation Rollingstock train in the Queensland Rail City network, Australia
A Deutsche Bahn ICE 3 EMU capable of up to {{convert|320|km/h|0|abbr=on}} in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
South Side Elevated Railroad car #1, one of the cars that Frank Sprague converted to MU operation in Chicago
An Italian TSR double-decker EMU
A RegioPanter electric train
ČD Class 680
A British Rail Class 483 at Smallbrook Junction on the Isle of Wight. An example of converted 1938 tube stock, these trains were the oldest electrical multiple units in mainline operation in the United Kingdom, being 82 years old at the time of their retirement in 2021.
An Indian Railways Vande Bharat Express train capable of up to 180 km/h (112 mph) at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra railway station, Jammu and Kashmir, India. (EMU India)
ZSSK Class 671
Mumbai suburban rail serving Mumbai metropolitan region
An E233 series EMU on the Shōnan–Shinjuku Line in September 2019
MI 09 on RER A Line in November 2012
KTM Class 93 of KTM ETS arriving Pulau Sebang from Batang Melaka
A British Rail Class 444 3rd rail EMU at Basingstoke, United Kingdom

An EMU is usually formed of two or more semi-permanently coupled carriages, but electrically powered single-unit railcars are also generally classed as EMUs.

NZR RM class (Silver Fern)

About the New Zealand railcar service and the railcars themselves.

Silver Fern railcar RM24 near Papakura in September 2011
A Silver Fern near Warrington in April 1989
Silver Fern RM30 under refurbishment at the Wellington Passenger Depot, April 2009
The wrecked railcar after it was towed to Tangiwai from the wreck site.

The NZR RM class Silver Fern was a class of rail motor in New Zealand.