Ramón Lista

Ramón Lista

Argentinian soldier and explorer.

- Ramón Lista

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Tehuelche people

Indigenous people from Patagonia in South America, with existing members of the group currently residing in the southern Argentina-Chile borders.

Mulato, a Tehuelche Chief.
The approximate distribution of languages in the southernmost regions of South America during the years of the Spanish conquest.
Tehuelche chiefs, located in Santa Cruz Province in the south of Argentina.
Grupo de patagones en puerto Peckett. An 1832 drawing made during the voyage of Jules Dumont d'Urville.
Distribution of pre-Hispanic peoples in Southern Patagonia
Tehuelche Cloak. Museo de La Plata.
The classification of Chonan languages, according to Roberto Lehmann-Nitsche.
Rock art at Cueva de las Manos, Santa Cruz Province.
Portrait of Chief Junchar by José del Pozo in Puerto Deseado, in 1789, during the Malaspina Expedition (1789–1794).
Tehuelches in Río Gallegos.
Under General Roca, the Conquest of the Desert extended Argentine power into Patagonia
Elderly Tehuelche woman smoking a tobacco pipe.
Rosa Chiquichano, of Tehuelche descent. A past member of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, representing the Chubut Province.
The Tehuelche flag: The blue of the sea, the brown of the mountains, the black arrow pointing north and the Southern Cross.

In the 19th century, explorers such as Ramón Lista and George Chaworth Musters named them "tsóneka", "tsónik" or "chonik".

Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz

Capital and largest settlement of the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz in Argentina.

Average temperatures (min., avrg., max.) and precipitations.

Governor Ramón Lista decided to move the Territorial Capital from Puerto Santa Cruz to Río Gallegos in 1888; official ratification of this decision came on 19 May 1904.

Agustina Andrade

Argentine poet, considered to be one of the principal writers of the Generation of '80, and "probably the most praised female poet of the 1870s".

Andrade met the military officer Ramón Lista (1856–1897), when he arrived to explore southern Argentina.

Edelmiro Mayer

Argentine soldier, writer and statesman who fought in the Argentine Civil Wars, the American Civil War and against the French intervention in Mexico.

Edelmiro Mayer (c. 1873)

His influence and experience led President Carlos Pellegrini to appoint him as governor in 1893, after the resignation of Ramon Lista.

Guaicaro language

Extinct, unclassified language of Patagonia known only from a 19-word list and personal names.

Word list of Guaicaro documented by Ramón Lista (1896):