How a shot tower works
Redcliffe Street, by James Johnson, oil on canvas, c. 1825, showing the incomplete spire of St Mary Redcliffe looming above.
St Mary's church and surrounding modern development, seen from the Cabot Tower.

The same year, Watts extended his house in Redcliffe to build the first shot tower.

- Shot tower

In 1782 William Watts converted his house, near St Mary Redcliffe, into the world's first shot tower, in order to make lead shot by his innovative tower process.

- Redcliffe, Bristol
How a shot tower works

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Redcliffe Shot Tower

The Redcliffe Shot Tower was a historic shot tower in the English city of Bristol.

The tower stood at the corner of Redcliffe Hill and Redcliffe Parade, in the suburb of Redcliffe, between the years of 1782 and 1968.