A report on Sorbus aucuparia and Redwing

Head of T. i. coburni in Iceland
Mountain-ashes, e.g. this one in the Vercors range, hold their fruit late in fall
Egg, Collection Museum Wiesbaden
Young trees, with the typical leaf form visible
Nests are often constructed on the ground.
Sorbus aucuparia growing with Mountain Pine in the Italian Alps
A spectrogram showing an example of the song structure of a Redwing in Iceland. Terminology is applied.
Damage caused by game
Comparison of Sorbus aucuparia fruit from an edible cultivar (left) and a roadside tree (right)
Freshly cross cut sorbus aucuparia with visible heart-wood
Freshly rip cut sorbus aucuparia with visible heart-wood

It is omnivorous, eating a wide range of insects and earthworms all year, supplemented by berries in autumn and winter, particularly of rowan Sorbus aucuparia and hawthorn Crataegus monogyna.

- Redwing

The fruit are eaten by migratory birds in winter, including Bohemian waxwing, spotted nutcracker, and redwing.

- Sorbus aucuparia

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