The Repartimiento (Spanish, "distribution, partition, or division") was a colonial forced labor system imposed upon the indigenous population of Spanish America and the Philippines.wikipedia
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Gonzalo Ronquillo de Peñalosa

Gonzalo Ronquillo de PeñalozaGonzalo Ronquillo
In a reply letter from the King, Philip II instructed the governor on how to initiate the repartimiento (forced labor) among Indios.

Pedro Ponce de Cabrera

After the conquest of Córdoba in 1236, he was awarded land in the repartimiento while his son, also benefited a few years later, in 1248 from the partition and distribution of land after the conquest of Seville.

Arauco War

War of Araucohostile nativesa long expedition to Chile
Villagra left the city in mid-January 1565, with 110 Spaniards and gathered 800 Indian auxiliaries from their repartimientos as he marched south to the Maule River.

New Kingdom of Granada

New GranadaRoyal Audience of Santa Fe de BogotáAudiencia of Bogotá
And we order that the Governor and Captain General of said provinces and president of their Royal Audiencia, have, use and exercise by himself the government of all the district of that Audiencia, in the same manner as our Viceroys of New Spain and appoint the repartimiento of Indians and other offices that need to be appointed, and attend to all the matters and business that belong to the government, and that the oidores of said Audiencia do not interfere with this, and that all sign what in matters of justice is provided for, sentenced and carried out.

Florencio del Castillo

He was distinguished for his struggle in favor of the Indians and blacks and achieved the abolition of the Mita, the Encomienda, Indian tribute and the Repartimiento.

Tactic, Guatemala

There was a lot of tension between Marroquín and Las Casas in this meeting: Las Casas accused Marroquín of having slave Indians and to have a repartimiento along with preaching "toxic doctrine"; Marroquín on the other hand, accused Las Casas of going beyond his jurisdiction.


NahuaNahua peoplesNahua people
Labor arrangements between Nahuas and Spaniards were largely informal, rather than organized through the mainly defunct encomienda and the poorly functioning repartimiento.


Esselen NationEsselen IndiansEsselen language
These were replaced around the beginning of the 17th century with Repartimiento, which entitled a Spanish settler or official to the labor of a number of indigenous workers on their farms or mines.

Toledo Reforms

The reducciones were then divided into 614 administrative districts called repartimientos.


Sullana, Piura, Peru
The Spaniards changed the native farming system and created Repartimientos and Encomiendas.

Historiography of Colonial Spanish America

Historiography of Colonial Mexico
James Lockhart examined the shift from encomienda labor awarded to just a few Spaniards, to the attempt by the crown to expand access to labor via the repartimiento to later arriving Spaniards who had been excluded from the original awards.

Manche Chʼol

Manche Ch'olCh'olManche
The Qʼeqchiʼ used this trade to supply products demanded by their Spanish overlords under the repartimiento system.

Agustín de Jáuregui

Agustín de Jáuregui y AldecoaAgustin de Jauregui y Aldecoa
However, discontent persisted amongst the native peoples because of abuse of the repartimiento and mita systems of labor tribute, which Jáuregui notified the court of.

Real Audiencia of Guatemala

Royal Audiencia of GuatemalaGuatemalaAudiencia
And we order that the governor and captain general of said provinces and the president of the Royal Audiencia of these, have, use and exercise by himself the government of that land and all its district, in the same manner as does our viceroy of New Spain and determine the repartimientos of Indians and appoint other offices, as said Royal Audiencia used to do, and that the oidores do not interfere with these matters, nor that said president interfere in matters of justice and that he sign with the oidores that which they sentence and decree.

Cocoliztli epidemics

This developed in to the implementation of the repartimiento system, which sought to institute a higher level of oversight within the Spanish colonies and maximize the overall tribute extracted for public and crown use.