Revolutionary Socialist Party (India)

Revolutionary Socialist PartyRSPRevolutionary Socialist Party of India Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP)Anushlian MarxistspartyRevolutionary Socialist PartyRevolutionary Socialist Party (RSP)Revolutionary Socialtist Party
Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) is a political party in India.wikipedia
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Left Front (Tripura)

Left Front1977
It is part of the Left Front (Tripura).
The other three members of the Left Front are the Communist Party of India, the Revolutionary Socialist Party and the All India Forward Bloc.

Tridib Chaudhuri

Tridib Choudhury
During the summer of 1938 a meeting took place between Jayaprakash Narayan (leader of CSP), Jogesh Chandra Chatterji, Tridib Chaudhuri and Keshav Prasad Sharma.
He was a leader of the Revolutionary Socialist Party and a member of Lok Sabha from Baharampur in West Bengal in India.

Anushilan Samiti

Anushilan SamityAnushilanlocal political youth clubs
The party was founded on 19 March 1940 and has its roots in the Bengali liberation movement Anushilan Samiti and the Hindustan Socialist Republican Army.
During the late 1930s, Marxist-leaning members of the Samiti in the CSP announced the formation of the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP).

Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha constituenciesLok Sabha constituencyparliamentary
The party got around 0.4% of the votes and three seats in the Lok Sabha elections in 1999 and 2004.

Jogesh Chandra Chatterjee

Jogesh Chandra ChatterjiJogesh Chandra ChattopadhyayJogesh Chatterjee
During the summer of 1938 a meeting took place between Jayaprakash Narayan (leader of CSP), Jogesh Chandra Chatterji, Tridib Chaudhuri and Keshav Prasad Sharma.
In 1937, Jogesh Chandra joined Congress Socialist party but left it very shortly and formed a new party in 1940 with a name of Revolutionary Socialist Party of which he remained the General Secretary from 1940 to 1953.

Sramik Krishak Samajbadi Dal

Shramik Krishak Samajbadi DalKrishak Sramik Samajbadi DalWorkers Peasants Socialist Party
In 1969 RSP sympathizers in East Pakistan formed the Shramik Krishak Samajbadi Dal.
The SKSD was formed in 1969 by sympathizers of the Revolutionary Socialist Party of India in East Pakistan.

Congress Socialist Party

Socialist Party
Moreover, when Indian left-wing elements formed the Congress Socialist Party in 1934, the CPI branded it as Social Fascist.
The Anushlian marxists left the CSP soon thereafter, forming the Revolutionary Socialist Party.

2016 Kerala Legislative Assembly election

20162016 assembly election2016 Kerala Assembly election
Main faction of RSP suffered a huge defeat in the 2016 Kerala Legislative Assembly election, with all its candidates losing.

United Democratic Front (Kerala)

United Democratic FrontUDFUnited Democratic Front (UDF)
The RSP(B) joined the Congress-led United Democratic Front.

N. K. Premachandran

N.K. PremachandranN.K Premachandran N. K. Premachandran
The RSP candidate N.K. Premachandran defeated LDF candidate M.A.Baby in the election of 2014.
N.K. Premachandran is currently the Central Secretariat Member of the Revolutionary Socialtist Party.

National Revolutionary Socialist Party

Ahead of the 1977 elections, a section of the party in Kerala broke away and formed the National Revolutionary Socialist Party.
NRSP emerged through a split in the Revolutionary Socialist Party.

United Socialist Organisation of India

United Socialist Organisation
Ahead of the 1952 general election, negotiations took place between RSP and the United Socialist Organisation of India.
Attempts were made to involve RSP in this front, but the negotiations ahead of the elections failed.

Kovoor Kunjumon

Later, a faction headed by Kovoor Kunjumon left the party to form a new party named Revolutionary Socialist Party (Leninist).
He belongs to Revolutionary Socialist Party and represents Kunnathur constituency.

Revolutionary Socialist Party (Leninist)

RSP(L)Revolutionary Socialist Party (Leninist) KovoorRevolutionary Socialist Party (Leninist) Kovoor Kunjumon
RSP(L) is formed as a splinter group from RSP in Kerala in 2016.

K. Pankajakshan

K. Pankajakshan, general secretary until 2008, was a KSP member.
K. Pankajakshan (25 January 1928 – 28 August 2012 ) was an Indian politician from Kerala, who was the general secretary of the Revolutionary Socialist Party.

Kerala Socialist Party

In October 1949 the Kerala Socialist Party passed through a split.
In 1949 October, within 2 years of its inception the party underwent a split and N. Sreekantan Nair, Baby John and K. Balakrishnan joined the Revolutionary Socialist Party, then a small socialist party confined to Bengal.

Kollam (Lok Sabha constituency)

KollamQuilonKollam Lok Sabha Constituency
The erstwhile RSP, which was part of the LDF for almost three decades, decided to walk out of the LDF in March 2014, after the CPI(M) arbitrarily announced the candidature of politburo member and sitting legislator M.A.Baby for the Kollam Lok Sabha seat.

United Trade Union Congress

United Trades Union CongressUTUC
UTUC is politically tied to Revolutionary Socialist Party.

Lakshmi Sahgal

Lakshmi SehgalLakshmi SwaminathanCaptain Lakshmi
In 2002 RSP supported, along with the other Left Front parties, the presidential candidature of Lakshmi Sahgal.
In 2002, four leftist parties – the Communist Party of India, the Communist Party of India (Marxist), the Revolutionary Socialist Party, and the All India Forward Bloc – nominated Sahgal as a candidate in the presidential elections.

A. V. Thamarakshan

A.V. Thamarakshan.V. Thamarakshan
A long-time member of the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP), A. V. Thamarakshan rose to the ranks of Central Committee member and Kerala state secretariat member.

T. J. Chandrachoodan

T. J. Chandrachoodan T.J. Chandrachoodan
He was elected general secretary of the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP) in 2008.

Left Front (West Bengal)

Left FrontLFWest Bengal Left Front
It was formed in January 1977, the founding parties being the Communist Party of India (Marxist), All India Forward Bloc, the Revolutionary Socialist Party, the Marxist Forward Bloc, the Revolutionary Communist Party of India and the Biplabi Bangla Congress.

2016 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election

20162016 electionWest Bengal Legislative Assembly.
Left Front consisting of CPI(M), CPI, RSP and All India Forward Bloc along with INC (Congress) (who were on a Electoral agreement with the Left Front) released their respective candidate list in several rounds after consultations and bargaining.