Riverside, Ontario

Riverside is a neighbourhood on the eastern edge of Windsor, Ontario.wikipedia
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Windsor, Ontario

WindsorWindsor, ONWindsor, Canada
Riverside is a neighbourhood on the eastern edge of Windsor, Ontario.

Detroit River

Detroitriverthe river
It is best defined by the waterfront road, Riverside Drive, which runs parallel to the Detroit River.

French Canadians

French CanadianFrench-CanadianFrench
A short distance to the east extent (or growth) of Riverside was French Canadian farms or cottages for US residents.

Lake St. Clair

Lake Saint ClairLake St ClairSt. Clair
Both demographics appreciated the idyllic location of the South West coast of Lake St. Clair.

Parks in Windsor, Ontario

Bike Trails in the City of WindsorDieppe GardensParks in the city of Windsor, Ontario
A linear park called the Ganatchio trail is a heavily used greenway that found its genesis in this area.


Detroit, MichiganDetroit, MICity of Detroit
Summer weekends still find the eastern end of Riverside Drive heavily used as many of Windsor's residents take part in this spirit and a drive through Riverside has the same draw today as it has since the dawn of the Motor City.

George "Rube" Deneau

George Deneau
George Deneau (died January 10, 1926 in Riverside, Ontario) was a Canadian minor league baseball player, manager, and promoter who played on a number of Ontario and Michigan teams between 1898 and 1915.

Forest Glade, Windsor

Forest Glade
Forest Glade forms a large section of the Windsor's border with Tecumseh, Ontario and is situated near the former town of Riverside, Ontario.

Transit Windsor

Sandwich, Windsor & Amherstburg RailwaySandwich, Windsor and Amherstburg RailwayWindsor
From August 31, 1901 to March 31, 1920, the SW&A was under ownership of the Detroit United Railway, when the local municipalities (the cities of Windsor and East Windsor, the towns of La Salle, Riverside, Tecumseh, Amherstburg, Ojibway, Sandwich, and Walkerville, and the townships Sandwich East and Sandwich West) purchased it back from them to retain it as a municipal operation.

Mathew Charles Lamb

Lamb first attended Colbourne School in Riverside where Collins later said he appeared to be normal.

Neighbourhoods of Windsor, Ontario

SandwichSandwich, OntarioOjibway
Riverside is the largest neighbourhood on the east end of Windsor.

Edwin Barnard Martin

A Canadian from Riverside, Ontario, Martin was a private in the Canadian Army’s Essex Scottish Regiment who had been captured during the controversial Dieppe raid in August 1942.