Bob Morris and Doug McIlroy translated that from MAD to BCPL.


The pair also contributed a version of runoff text-formatting program for Multics.

- Robert Morris (cryptographer)

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McIlroy at the Japan Prize Foundation in 2011

Douglas McIlroy

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Mathematician, engineer, and programmer.

Mathematician, engineer, and programmer.

McIlroy at the Japan Prize Foundation in 2011

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s McIlroy contributed programs for Multics (such as RUNOFF ) and Unix operating systems (such as diff, echo, tr, join and look ), versions of which are widespread to this day through adoption of the POSIX standard and Unix-like operating systems.

He was a member of the IBM–SHARE committee that designed the language and, together with Robert Morris, wrote the Early PL/I (EPL) compiler in TMG for the Multics project.