Roberta Findlay

Roberta Findlay (born 1948) is an American film director, cinematographer, producer and actress.wikipedia
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Michael Findlay

Michael and Roberta FindlayBlood SistersMichael
She was married to Michael Findlay and they made a number of films together.
Along with his wife Roberta, Findlay created numerous low-budget Z movies in the 1960s and 1970s.

Snuff (film)

SnuffSnuff'' (film)
The film started out as a low-budget exploitation film titled Slaughter made by the husband-and-wife grindhouse filmmaking team of Michael and Roberta Findlay.

Tenement (film)

TenementTenement (Slaughter in the South Bronx)Tenement'' (film)
Tenement (also known as Game of Survival and Slaughter in the South Bronx) is a 1985 American exploitation thriller film directed by Roberta Findlay.

John Fasano

He also found work painting the one sheet posters for Grindhouse films such as Tenement (Slaughter in the South Bronx) for legendary exploitation film producers Roberta Findlay and Walter Sear.

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Killing for Culture

Killing for Culture: An Illustrated History of Death Film from Mondo to Snuff (Creation Cinema #1)
Made by husband-and-wife team Michael Findlay and Roberta Findlay in 1971, it was left unreleased until 1976 when Allan Shackleton added a new ending, a scene depicting what was supposed to be the film crew for the preceding movie murdering one of the actresses.

George Weiss (producer)

George Weiss
Weiss was friendly with New York filmmaker Michael Findlay and his wife Roberta Findlay, an actress and cinemaphotographer.